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Phase Two

21st January 2007

We move in:

This project is being approached with a view to keeping things basic and practical as is possible As the house is concrete built it appears to us that to use hemp and lime for inside insulation would be out of place with the smooth existing plastered walls.



If we heat the bedroom and kitchen then there is nothing to stop us living here. So we leave Longford for now with our 1870 brass bed which we purchased on ebay just before Christmas. We try to keep everything for the house hand made and of natural materials if possible.

It's time to insulate and seal up the inside of the house.It was hoped to use wool but like everything else to do with sustainable materials the cost is artificially high.We start with the attic, 8'' of insulation for now which we may double later on.

The house is very dry with cavity walls and solid conctete floors, too good to dig up for underfloor heating. We hope to insulate the cavity walls when the ground dries up enough to bring in a truck.


Next we dry line the outer walls putting insulation between the walls and plasterboards.

We have kept a diary for a week click here

Each day we are adding to the heat. We have used up old doors that were lying in the outhouses in longford and have resized them to fit the interior door frames. There were two interior doors here for five doorways.We have been bonding the window and door recesses as each room is prepared with insulation.


We are cooking on the old range, which takes time to light as the seals have had it and it smokes a lot until it heats up. The hob gets good and hot and we have had many a good meal cooked on it, although the oven is not working. Jimmy took a good look at it to see if it can be improved to meet our needs. Once he moved it, it practically fell apart. All the seals are broken, nuts and bolts which had rusted have snapped with the heat. We decide that it has to be replaced. While we would love to keep it and it's appearence suits our little kitchen it is just not practical to be opening windows to keep from choking on the smoke.

Also we decide to put a small closed appliance into the bedroom as it should be more economical and benifical. It should heat the room for hours without attention if we are out, and hold in the heat throughout the night. So straight away we put that in, and 'it does what it says on the tin', it is an Irish made cast iron appliance.






FINISHING TOUCHES ...the next phase

EARTH Ist February...imbolg

Spring has arrived, with trees budding, new arrivals, and birds building.

We spot this mother with her babies near roscommon, your little ones have nothing to fear from us.....


We plant about 250 sally rods, which should like the ground here

Soon it's time to spend a couple of days workingon another ongoing project, a stone house that Jimmy has been working on for a friend at each stage of the development.

Sallys stone house