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13 Dec 2006 13:31 - zorro
Windpower installation March 07





Tuesday 13th March '07

This is a page for those interested in installing [ ... ]

Windpower
18 Nov 2008 18:09 - snipe

Windpower Update November 08


So its now November and our turbine has survived some heavy winds [ ... ]

Windpower
06 Nov 2009 17:08 - zorro
Windpower november 09

So the turbine has been working well now for over a year and a half, Fitting the smaller blades has really [ ... ]

Windpower
04 Dec 2009 12:24 - jimnoctor
Pv solar power


We have been living and working off grid for three years now, with electricity solely from [ ... ]

Power from the Sun
10 Mar 2011 11:10 -
Diary of a week 2007... 4 years later

10th March 2011


Four years have flown by, we have become one with the earth and energy here. [ ... ]

Off grid living
01 Mar 2012 19:07 - jimnoctor
Rebuilding Charlie

Rebuilding Charlie

Charlie has been providing our power here for the past 5 years , has weathered many [ ... ]

Windpower


12th April 07

The exceptionally dry weather has enticed us outdoors. We have pitched the tent and are lighting a fire outside in the evenings. The birds are our entertainment and the sunsets are remarkable. There is a whole world out there that we have been missing indoors.

We have been insulating and sealing inside and at the same time shutting out the magical sights and sounds from without. It's 20th now and we wonder if we will ever be able to sleep indoors again. Just before dark on 18th we heard the first cuckoo cal

15th. This is the day the fishermen like ! We had just climbed in listening to Christy on the wind up radio, getting settled with a glass of wine when an unholy racket began outside. The high pitched screech of a bird and the cries of a magpie were just three feet from the tent. On closer inspection, a hawk had taken down a magpie and a second magpie was trying to scare the hawk. It became aware of our presence and took off. The magpie was unable to fly no more than a few feet and the hawk came back for the kill. This time two crows came to assist in the rescue, They tried in vain to scare off the hawk, but after about 10mins. the magpie's cries ceased, and they flew home for the night with tales of woe


We have spent a lot of time tenting in the past, in forests, lakeshores, seashores, mountains, but it is not necessary to leave home to get in touch with nature, and there are all the benefits of not having to carry the necessary too far, plus there is no need to take down the tent in the mornings. What more could you ask for ! Molly too is getting used to joining us for short periods of time, she likes her freedom. If we are camping on mountains or near farmland, it is necessary to keep her inside with us so as to not worry farmers and their sheep by her presence and size.

Waking up to the sound of the dawn chorus is an experience that nature repeats daily for our pleasure. It changes regularly as the migrants arrive for the season. We have seen swallows everywhere for a week now but as yet they are not here in (22nd).

3rd May

Recently a friend visited from Geneva and it was tenting time once again. While Jimmy demonstrates the knack to making a Brid's cross with rushes picked earlier at Carrowkeel tombs, the kettle is on the boil for a hot Jameson (purely medicinal). Natascha is delighted with her first ever Irish present.


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