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13 Dec 2006 13:31 - zorro
Windpower installation March 07





Tuesday 13th March '07

This is a page for those interested in installing [ ... ]

Windpower
18 Nov 2008 18:09 - snipe

Windpower Update November 08


So its now November and our turbine has survived some heavy winds [ ... ]

Windpower
06 Nov 2009 17:08 - zorro
Windpower november 09

So the turbine has been working well now for over a year and a half, Fitting the smaller blades has really [ ... ]

Windpower
04 Dec 2009 12:24 - jimnoctor
Pv solar power


We have been living and working off grid for three years now, with electricity solely from [ ... ]

Power from the Sun
10 Mar 2011 11:10 -
Diary of a week 2007... 4 years later

10th March 2011


Four years have flown by, we have become one with the earth and energy here. [ ... ]

Off grid living
01 Mar 2012 19:07 - jimnoctor
Rebuilding Charlie

Rebuilding Charlie

Charlie has been providing our power here for the past 5 years , has weathered many [ ... ]

Windpower
Untitled Document


How quick the years roll today

But first its been a busy few days with music..{saudioplayer autostart}pidgeoclouds.mp3{/saudioplayer}


Heydens Ballymote Phil Cunningham on the guitar 

Playing for dancers

Keash, dancing in the afternoon

                                                                                                                   My great friend jim from Bundoran  Tom Mc gowan and Noel Tansey Josie sheridan and aJosie Tonroe. in the sailors home..


Stepping it out                                                                  Eugene Lambert and Finnegan in Jamestown (Sadly moved on 2010)

Sailors Home Gurteen


It's good to get an opportunity to play for the older and wiser in our communities. So when I was asked to play for an afternoon dance it was a pleasure indeed. They enjoyed the dancing and the music, and made no sectret of telling me so. I'll be back...........

It was a mighty treat during the Jamestown heritage festival to get a glimpse of the amazing talent of Eugene Lambert whom most of us remember from our childhood with the Lambert Puppet Theatre and Wanderly Wagon.

Steve with his 1930s 6voice Gurteen

Tubbercurry Summer school 2006

Nathy and Nora Brennan Tubbercurry

Not sure of the names here But Keith the piper  from wales is one


      Guess the tune        Jim has so many tunes...                         Many countrys     Jimmy ,Witek from Poland and friends

Who's in the shadows?                                              The approach at dusk, or is it dawn?






As the week progressed the number of musicians were on the increase, here in Nathy's as in the rest of the pubs. I played along with musicians from Poland, France, Germany, Japan, Wales, the Isle of Man, from Tubbercurry and throughout the country. No seats to be had here, Benoit Le Roux and Sophie Bardou from Bretagne and Paris on fiddles....


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