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13 Dec 2006 13:31 - zorro
Windpower installation March 07





Tuesday 13th March '07

This is a page for those interested in installing [ ... ]

Windpower
18 Nov 2008 18:09 - snipe

Windpower Update November 08


So its now November and our turbine has survived some heavy winds [ ... ]

Windpower
06 Nov 2009 17:08 - zorro
Windpower november 09

So the turbine has been working well now for over a year and a half, Fitting the smaller blades has really [ ... ]

Windpower
04 Dec 2009 12:24 - jimnoctor
Pv solar power


We have been living and working off grid for three years now, with electricity solely from [ ... ]

Power from the Sun
10 Mar 2011 11:10 -
Diary of a week 2007... 4 years later

10th March 2011


Four years have flown by, we have become one with the earth and energy here. [ ... ]

Off grid living
01 Mar 2012 19:07 - jimnoctor
Rebuilding Charlie

Rebuilding Charlie

Charlie has been providing our power here for the past 5 years , has weathered many [ ... ]

Windpower


 Kitty is our Kubota ride on grass cutter. She started out life in the early 80's . At the end of each growing season for at least four years Kitty's deck has needed patch after patch. Each time that we put on a patch there seems to be less and less to attach the patch to. We know that it is only a matter of time before it will just disintregate but we keep putting it on the long finger putting other work first. Sure enough the inevitable happened, it just collappsed into a heap.


So now is the time for new life.


How can this piece of flat metal become a working deck for Kitty ?

But there is no mission impossible as I have wittnessed time after time. 

Time, tools, patience, elbow grease and a little know how, but even armed with this information I am still baffled, only time will tell. 

I have had a number of years practice at being a go-for. So I set about preparing a work space for the task to begin. 

It is exciting, to give new life to an old machine.


Every picture tells a story, with some measurments taken and the aid of an angle grinder and jigsaw soon an image starts to appear.  



This bend was made across the edge of a table.

Soon it is begining to take shape and even though I still can't fully understand how it will end up as a working machine....... I'm a believer. 



The old blade bearings and wheels will all be reused and refitted.


They don't look like much now but I'm assured that they will work as good in the new deck as they once did in the past (fingers crossed shh..)






The metal cutting was done outside The wind turbine is not powerful enough to work the welder so we take it to a nearby    yard to use the         electricity there

 It is our intention to get  a diesel generator to  suit our needs and are  on the look out for one.






As the welding progresses it now becomes clear that at least one of us knows what they are doing. Before you know it, it's time for the paint. We sourced the Kubota paint locally in Bunninnaddin. Everything gets a coat.








 As we have all the original  parts and panels nothing gets overlooked, including the tractor.




It is finished!

 It looks like new again.

 It fits  perfectly and it works like a new machine. 

The proof of the pudding.... 

Is in the cutting.

It is our intention this year to make our work less difficult so restoring and repairing anything that enables us to do just that will be undertaken.





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