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13 Dec 2006 13:31 - zorro
Windpower installation March 07





Tuesday 13th March '07

This is a page for those interested in installing [ ... ]

Windpower
18 Nov 2008 18:09 - snipe

Windpower Update November 08


So its now November and our turbine has survived some heavy winds [ ... ]

Windpower
06 Nov 2009 17:08 - zorro
Windpower november 09

So the turbine has been working well now for over a year and a half, Fitting the smaller blades has really [ ... ]

Windpower
04 Dec 2009 12:24 - jimnoctor
Pv solar power


We have been living and working off grid for three years now, with electricity solely from [ ... ]

Power from the Sun
10 Mar 2011 11:10 -
Diary of a week 2007... 4 years later

10th March 2011


Four years have flown by, we have become one with the earth and energy here. [ ... ]

Off grid living
01 Mar 2012 19:07 - jimnoctor
Rebuilding Charlie

Rebuilding Charlie

Charlie has been providing our power here for the past 5 years , has weathered many [ ... ]

Windpower

Hej, we commenced our trip towards the east coast stopping off in Rattvick to walk out on their beautiful wooden bridge. We don't know the history of the bridge, but we are guessing that it's the people's bridge. It looked to us like it had been sponsored by the people as each wooden lat had a name inscribed on it, some from the town, some from surrounding towns and cities within Sweden and even as far away as England, no sign of an Irish one in there but who ever heard of the Irish buying their way onto a bridge that we don't have to it's bad enough on the toll!!!

We headed off to find a place to where we could be with nature as we had been among people for a long spell. We arrived at the Baltic coast in a place called Osthammr just in time to watch an open Ferry pulling out to take its passengers to a nearby island. Nothing strange about that! except for the fact that the water on either sides of the crossing was frozen with just enough broken up possibly by the constant crossing of the ferry.

The whispering moon.....

Later as we were in search of the right place to spend the night we wittnessed our first full moon since we left home, it was magnificient sight, almost like a sunset, (the pic speaks for itself).We found the most beautiful place to stay alongside a lake just outside the town of Osterbybruk. A very quiet place where the birds sang late into the night, strange sounding ones as we had never heard any like these before, (more investigation required). Next morning we spent several hours enjoyig the solitude in the sunshine, it was Molly heaven, as the snow was deep.


We went into the town later where we took this photo of this tree. It was decorated with candy filled eggs and coloured feathers. Most people got out of their cars and stood under it looked up at it before getting on with their business. (We later asked an Irish man living in Sweden, and a Swedish girl the tradition neither seemed to much about it except that it had something to do with Easter, will will seek further!).


We then spent a few days in Fjallnora. It is a quiet place at the moment as the season has not begun yet. There are two lakes situated within a forest setting with several walking trails. There is even an area for dogs to bathe. Molly says she will be back when the ice melts. The snow is still deep and she settled for reducing the supply!

So off to Uppsala now, as it is the fourth largest city in Sweden and worth a visit.

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