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13 Dec 2006 13:31 - zorro
Windpower installation March 07





Tuesday 13th March '07

This is a page for those interested in installing [ ... ]

Windpower
18 Nov 2008 18:09 - snipe

Windpower Update November 08


So its now November and our turbine has survived some heavy winds [ ... ]

Windpower
06 Nov 2009 17:08 - zorro
Windpower november 09

So the turbine has been working well now for over a year and a half, Fitting the smaller blades has really [ ... ]

Windpower
04 Dec 2009 12:24 - jimnoctor
Pv solar power


We have been living and working off grid for three years now, with electricity solely from [ ... ]

Power from the Sun
10 Mar 2011 11:10 -
Diary of a week 2007... 4 years later

10th March 2011


Four years have flown by, we have become one with the earth and energy here. [ ... ]

Off grid living
01 Mar 2012 19:07 - jimnoctor
Rebuilding Charlie

Rebuilding Charlie

Charlie has been providing our power here for the past 5 years , has weathered many [ ... ]

Windpower

Magic lake ...... Adventure June 25th 2006...

As the summer solstice approached and with the weather more fitting to that of the winter solstice, the 21st was not a night for an out of doors celebration. So we bided our time, and low and behold that time arrived. We set out in search of just the right place, we have come to expect it to appear if we take the time to look.


We were given directions a few weeks ago by a beautiful man (Francis) who has, with friends spent some time there. We arrived at the Dartry mts. we brought the tent and sleeping bags as it was 8pm and we might decide to stay. It looked like a mighty climb and we had just finished a full day's work before we left.

So we took our time on the approach road, which is an old green road well maintained, it is used by local shepards and turf cutters. Along the way we waited and watched as a shepard and his dog hearded sheep down the mountain side. It demands great skill and technique, the two work as a team. We talked with the shepard for some time as he ate his supper, he had been driving those sheep over the mountain for 6/7hrs and both he and his dog were done in. He wished us and Molly well on our adventure and guided us along the right path. Onwards and upwards as night was approaching and the sun was dropping over Donegal Bay, with clear views of Mullaghmore penninsula, Bundoran and across to Killybegs

We reached the summit and there it was !! much larger than we expected. A beautiful lake with a beach at the shore line just as Francis had described. There was no time to loose, time to test the waters. Wow! There was no decision to be made we were staying. Just as we pitched the tent it began to rain, that fine warm drizzle that you can bearly feel.









And just when we thought we had discovered the magic of the place we turn to discover overwhelming magical beauty. We took dozens of pictures as the colours were changing from moment to moment. We have chosen a sample. It was a sight we would travel the world and the seven seas to behold for just a brief moment. mother Earth looks on...(see her in the mountainside in both pictures?


After a night of magical dreams and expecting to wake up elsewhere, had it all been a dream.....

                                                           One minute firmly grounded, the next floating...


More later.....

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