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Laura Shiley

Boulder, CO, United States December 2015  Oh, how to describe my time with Jimmy and Judy? I wrote a poem to try to do it justice:

The Ballad of Jimmy and Judy

Have you heard of a place where love conquers? 
A land where imagination wanders? 
Where fears come to die and people reborn? 
Where joy still reigns supreme through every storm?

If lucky enough, they’ll invite you in 
Tea, river dips, maybe even sloe gin 
Gourmet meals, rest, laughter, their world to share 
Trading all for a smile—life without cares

They need for nothing, nature provides all 
Earth gives life to food, stones rise into walls 
Rain quenches thirst, wood warms hearth, 
Here candles and money have the same worth.

Come all ye seeking to cast off your shackles 
Freedom from finances, love, and traditions 
Here you forget what society expects 
Shed layers of anxiety, strip down to your true self 
Listen to the wisdom of pixies, ducks, flowers 
Spend hours staring into the souls of yourself and others

I made my way down past Ballaghaderreen 
Now I’m changed by what I have heard and seen. 
Don’t wait, make haste down to this joyful land 
Before life slips away  through your hands






and another of our guests  made the following film.


Its all about love...........polysymbol