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Jack The Lad  Before Major Surgery


This Land Rover Defender 110 

has been part of the Scene since 1992. It was previously used by the ESB, then by a Landscaper.  It remained in Landscape mode with Jimmy for a few years. It is a long wheel base with a Hydraulic Winch on the front bumper.

 It proved invaluable for a number of years, perfect for landscape work.  It towed a trailer from East to West, with all of the machinery that we now use to enhance our ongoing lifestyle.

In 1997 it was taken off the road, having secumbed to the temptation of thoughts of luxury in a modern model, a 1995 Opel Ascona.  

Jack the Lad, ( christened so as we could'nt decide if it is a boy or girl ) has been lying in wait since then for this moment. It is our intention to strip it down, and completely rebuild it. We dream of creating an overnight sleeper within, for those adventures when nights are just too wet or too wild to pitch the tent, sounds like pure luxury !

Can't wait !!!!

There's only one thing to do... just go for it.

We have Jessie from Maine (USA) staying for a few weeks who is very interested in all things mechanical and would love it if Jack's time is now. An extra pair of hands is just what is needed. It has been used as storage space both inside and outside. Firstly, Jack needs to be prepared,  a gentle approach, we don't want her to die of fright, as things will get worse before they get better. 




We relieve her of the excess baggage from outside and from within.

Once cleared out we step inside, lie down, and try it out for size.11jsleeper










Jessie looks on in amazement, as she has just witnessed the removal of the contents some a bit "unsavory", and she would not be rushing to lie down in there just yet.

 Both the width and length are perfect, almost made to measure. 

It is exciting already as we prepare to take the body off, 

"one piece at a time".




Once the roof is off the tub is next,

no major problems so far. It takes two with wrenches and sockets to prise the nuts free,


 They have been exposed to harsh conditions over the last 28years and are not going to give up easily. The Wings and the Bulk Head are next, It is dissarearing at a rapid rate, so fast it's scary. Have we gone mad ? Will we ever get her back together again, or will she be left like this forever. 

Our intention is to strip it down completly now, and as time, weather and money permit we will commence the re-building a little at a time. At the back end of last year we bought a galvanised chassis. We intend to rebuild it as strong as we can so that it will be fit for our lifetime of adventures.




The Bulk head is also rusted badly and will have to go. It's not a pretty sight.





 Our next expense will be to replace it. The sterling rate is not in our favour at the moment so we will wait in the hopes of an improvement before ordering a Galvanised replacement. 




One day to go before Jessie's departure and time for time out we say, but she has different ideas. She asked to be permitted to continue to work on Jack. Right so, how about taking out the Engine and Gear Box ? sounds wonderful ! And withour futher ado it's done. The little digger comes to the rescue here for the lift off.






Thanks Jessie for your help and your interest which gave us the push needed to get motivated to start. There's no going back now. We hope to send you the first images of the finished project and to invite you to come and enjoy some happy motering with us.











With patience , constant vigilence and browzing of the internet for all things Land Rover ......  it appears ! The long awaited Galvanised Bulk Head is advertised in Adverts .ie.

 It's not new but as it's galvanised it looks just what we've been waiting for, it's in Co.Carlow. Off we go on an adventure to find the next leg of our project. It has never been used, but has been lying around for some time hoping to be put to good use. The owner is restoring another Land Rover project and this bulk head will be on the back burner for some time to come. So it's time to let it go to someone who is ready to put it to good use, and he has a holiday fund that needs "bulking" up !

Our names are on it, so home it comes with us, ready to take part in our  forthcoming adventures .




The axles are hoisted and ready for cleaning, a lot of wire brushing and elbow grease is required. 





Years of lying around waiting has paid off in the end, they soon look almost as good as new. As we see what can be achieved with a bit of hard work we are encouraged to keep moving on.




 What next ?11jwhatnext



It seems like a monumental task ahead, time is on our side there is no hurry, but fears of it becoming an unfinished project taking up space in the shed that we step over or ignore each time we pass through enter our heads.

So we encourage each other to take one step at a time and it will be like a jigsaw puzzle just waiting for the next piece to bring the picture to life.  






11jsuspension                                     11jsuspension2


The suspension seems like a good place to focus on next. 

As this vehicle will possibly share a long road with us and we don't intend to ever strip it down again new springs and shafts are on the way.IMG 20151208 143900







We are back on track, parts have arrived, with the help of the vice the bushes  are installed. IMG 20151210 111144The axles are positioned onto the chassis and the springs are ready to be fitted.



 We are fitting old man emu suspension it should make for a nice comfortable journey.

It's getting exciting watching it begin to take a position in the shed.


It is a great project to take us through the short winter days and pass the long winter nights ahead



With the suspension and axles fitted we are moving on to prepare for the gearbox and engine. A new galvanised crossmember is fitted into position, its a tight fit so some portapower is used. We are using new stainless steel bolts throughout the project. Time to clean up the gearbox, plenty of washing down replacing the rear oil seals , clutch release bearing etc. Its best to replace them now when the access is easy. A new clutch is also installed.





  Time and patience attention to detail.  New gearbox mounting rubbers and front output shaft oil seals, so easy when the box is on the bench. Enough for today, next job is to fit the engine so a good nights sleep first.

 IMG 20160407 142219

 The engine hoist makes for an easier job here, watch the fingers !!!! tunes to be played later on.  So next job is the bulkhead , we were lucky enough to pick up a galavanised one . Its been in the shed for a while now, but at last its day has come. We are spraying as we go and have decided on green with a cream roof. 

 IMG 20160511 113611IMG 20160528 133419 Some days later  we have the cab  and roof on its beginning to look like something. Next some windscreen glass, and oh yea doors would be handy. A few wings and we'll be flying.

IMG 20160601 175814


 Next  the electrics, we are replacing the wiring loom and the individual light units. Also bumpers and slide rails need to be fitted, and mudguard trim, glass also needs to be installed in the doors.