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December 26th 2015

A New Experience

Today we drove up the back of a mountain on a road that we previously didn't even know existed.

We have been to Keash mountain numerous times.

We have visited the naturally formed caves, a very spectacular bewitching and beguiling place

to spend time, at any time of year.

Legend has it that Chuculainn's mother died while giving birth to him on the mountain side. A vixen took him into a cave and raised him.

It is not difficult to believe this story once you have been seduced to enter within.

A sacred hawthorn tree guards the entrance to the underworld where the

Tuath de Dannan once lived.

We have also climbed to the top of the mountain to the cairn, a buriel place of the ancestors.



 "Follow me Joe said "chulainn

        So we did ! 


This road seemed like a private cul de sac but we followed, onwards and upwards. The road was not unlike most of the back roads in our area, narrow and somewhat lacking in surface. But the way was windy and steep not a road for the faint hearted on a frosty morn. But this winter is frost free and the morning was mild, so we dodged the pot holes and followed Joe. After a few miles we seemed to have arrived at our destination.

What a location !

 This is an enchanting place like something from Darby O' Gill , you would never know who might be lurking about. So we kept our eyes peeled as there's a woodland which leads down a steep hill to a beautiful black lake below.darby3


 Joe invited us to step inside.

 Inside !      To a 300year old cottage, and has not changed or been lived in for a long time.

There was an appetising smell of boxty frying on a pan , steam was rising from two kettles that were boiling on the crane over a roaring turf fire,and a welcome hot whiskey was handed to us on arrival. 

 We had been invited for tunes.

This is the halfway house for a local annual St.Stephen's Day walk and the participants would soon arrive for refreshments and hopes of being entertained by a tune. They came in their droves, 20 at first then more, at least 60 people crowded inside and out, each receiving a hot beverage and as much boxty,  homemade soda bread and treakle cake as they could manage, sweets too for the younger ones. Every taste was catered for.

The music was in full swing with some audience participation, a young boy played a mandolin and a couple of singers were happy to join in.Before we finished up and after several hot toddys and some uisce beatha was consumed, a few steps were thrown on the well worn stone floor.


Soon the walkers we back on their way to complete their 10km walk. Great fun and merriment was had by all, and thoughts of next year is already enticing !

Soon we will return to see if this is a real place or perhaps it is Brigadoon itself  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!