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irish hare 620Still the Magic Happens.Yesterday there I was  admiring the garden of beautiful flowers when I noticed Mr Hare passing leisurely by.  What a beautiful animal majestic and strong   MAGICAL

 My  heart smiled.......... 

A few hours later I was out again checking the garden when I noticed the sprouting Brocolli plants and a few winter sprouts had been eaten to the ground.......straight away I thought ...oh no ! It's " Mr Hare" he likes our veggies, he is going to leave us hungry...........grief but  I smiled and thought , ah well he has to eat too.

So off to cut the grass. Mowing away my head in the beauty of the moment, the scent of the damp cut grass,  then I was suddenly awakened by the dashing Mr Hare , dashing out from the  long grass around the orchard right in front of my mower  a few feet closer and he would have been dinner for someone, my heart smiled  and I laughed. Perhaps Mr fox was around.

Half an hour later having parked the mower up, I was walking through the veg garden when I saw him again, this time  he was not so happy looking he had become trapped in the net I had just put over the sprouts to discourage him after his last dining out. I felt compassion for him and thought , well now, he has learned the lesson, and if I release him he will not bother the Brassicas again...great plan.

So  off  in search of the gloves, perhaps he has sharp claws or fangs that could take my hand off at the wrist. Unfortunately by the time the gloves were found and a box located he had escaped ! not  a trace of of him, the only thing left was the stumps of the plants that were to become our festival dinner at yule time. Still my heart  smiled at his bravery and escape to freedom. Surely he would not be back!!

Half an hour later sitting in a relaxed state with a nice cup of fresh verbena tea,   a strange feeling came over me, could he be back?  sure enough when I went out there he was trapped again. This time he looks terrified, wriggling to free himself.
I feel passion and must help him.

Five minutes later he is in a box in the boot of the car, I have decided to take him to somewhere new  a place where he can roam free well away from the  garden.  After driving about 5k away to a newly mown meadow a nice place to set him free I thought.

With the box placed on the ground ,I  opened it and there he sits, looking at me and I at him.  For a few seconds of time he sits,  my heart smiles at his beauty then as he jumps and runs through the grass I watch him for  while until he dissapears into the hedge. I am happy now he has found freedom.

Home again happy in the thought my sprout plants are safe.

Later that evening, I am out locking the sheds when something catches the corner of my eye, something dashing between the sheds and the veg garden. Ah its only my imigination I think , but a minute later I see him again, yes its Mr Hare back from his exercise and he is feeling heart smiles.

Life is beautiful if you let it.
jj haring around the garden swoooooooooooooossssssshhhhh