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The weather has improved and the ground is drying up quickly. The decision to erect the tunnel in Dave's makes more sense as he is alongside the river for summer time watering. He has recently germinated eucalyptus seeds and plans to pot them out in the tunnel. It will also be ideal for some tomato and pepper plants.



March 22nd



The little digger came in very useful to dig out the foundations for the tunnel frame, the lads used spades the last time they put this up. It also made easy the task of digging out a fish pond in Dave's back garden. Most of the machinery that we have, are antique as the lads have them a long time acquiring them as they were needed over the years, the digger we purchased last year as none of us are as young as we feel


Dave and Jimmy have previously restored Dave's 300yr old cottage. There are no words to describe it's simple beauty throughout the seasonsWe are noticing global warming as we have sunburnt faces.The weather is so favourable at the moment and we are availing of every moment outdoors. So much to do, it is still March and anything could happen

28th March

First exciting

It didn't look much like a gardening day with the threat of rain looming, but despite the cold wind it remained dry. Conditions were just right for rotavating the vegetable garden, stones removed and onion sets were the first to go in, then carrot seeds, beetroot, rhubarb tubers, blackcurrant, redcurrant, gooseberry, blackberry and plenty of spuds.

Later it was time to cut grass within the special circle of trees.















lThe onions and carrots are already shooting up, no sign of the spuds yet, any day now ! We have planted a row of raspberry canes and a few strawberry plants in a clay tub.

Meanwhile we have gotten the tunnel bars erected. It was a very hot day and a little gusty, so it was all hands on deck as the plastic cover was put into position, (not as easy as it might sound










One day old, this little bull calf was born yesterday, Easter sunday. Liam our neighbour stood alongside as mother was very cagey of a stranger with a camera, who knows her little one could one day be on the internet !!! (hope they got my good side).