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The Earth is now awakening from her long winter sleep, so its time to turn our attentions to this years veg garden We managed to get the plot dug last Autumn leaving the frost and rains to condition the soil, so now its  just a matter of the touch of a fork to get it ready for sowing.


Last autumns sowing of garlic has really done well,despite the very wet weather.

In the background is the spinach and late sown leeks from last year they are really tasty



February 6th 2008


Theres a new moon tonight so its a good time to plant our first seeds although its a bit early but lets see how it goes So days list is

  • Sweet Peppr Californian Wonder
  • Kohlrabi Superschmels
  • Gherkins parisian pickling
  • Onions de barletta
  • Basil
  • Tomato moneymaker
  • Brussel sprouts Roodnerf
  • Onion Stuttgarter Riesen Sown under plastic cloche

February 20th

Kohlrabi dibbled  out today First batch of leeks Musselburgh sown today in seedtrays

April 5th

Another new moon and its time for the first Outdoor sowings

  • Beetroot Bolthardy
  • Beetroot Mr Fothergills Perfect 3
  • Parsnip Yellow crown
  • Swede Purple top
  • Carrott Autumn king
  • Onion sets 4 kgs
  • Broad Beans Mr Fothergills Bunyard exhibition.



The soil here is  of mixed type  So for these early sowings i am using a clay soil area. After a light forking to remove the odd crows foot, a general organic fertilizer is applied .

We have organised a supply of farmyard manure, but it would be too fresh for this year.I use the board to avoid soil compaction.It's also great for the Balance!!!














24th May

This year's crop are well on their way, with only the carrots not germinating. The seed may not have been good, so we have sown a new batch which are just appearing. Last year carrots were our best yield so be are a bit disappointed.

The first potatoes are an early variety Duke of York I am planting them here in a whats called around here Black soil...It has been prepared deeply.and the potatoes sown deep down also. We dig between the drills when they are in so as to aid the landing operations later on. In the foreground here you can see the Raspberry canes starting to leaf up, we have two varieties one an early fruiter and the other an Autumn fruit.












The enchanting whitethorn looks on and umbrella's the new season's growth, how can it fail ?

The wheel turns the garden for 2009