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Using up old candle butts


There are enough candles here for us to enjoy on our kitchen table with our meals, and for many a long dark night in the winter ahead. It is such a pleasure to light them knowing that they have been made from material that would have been dumped, it was worthwhile keeping a bag under the sink for this moment.

We have been saving wax with the intention of re-making it into usable candles. We have lots of bits, different colours, and it is time to use them up instead of buying new ones. We bought wicks of varing sizes in a craft shop a year ago.

We are useing glass yogurt jars, jam pots, old candle glasses, an olive tin, peanut can, milk cartons, some reusable others are a once off.

Jimmy is full of ideas and is using unmelted lumps of wax along the outside edges to give a marbled effect, there is even one that looks like a birthday candle. We have kept some single colours and have given some stripes, others are fragranced with essential oil, (good for bath night).