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What to do with those green Tomatoes


It's November 6th.

When we came home from Brittany we had tomatoes in abundance. We made tomatoe based stirfries, bolognaise sauces and tomatoe with basil soups. Last weekend we had the first touch of frost, the stalks have become brittle and the remaining tomatoes are begining to wrot and fall.

So what will we do with all these green tomatoes ?

Dave has the solution, he arrived with a hard backed copy of the Readers Digest 1963 edition for the complete garden , with a recipe for GREEN TOMATOE CHUTNEY.

9lbs.Green Tomatoes

4red/green peppers

2.5 lb.Apples

2.5 lbs Onions

1.25 lb.sultanas

root ginger crushed

2.5   lb.brown sugar

2 ozs mustard seed

2ozs  Salt

!/2 teaspoon Ceyanne pepper

3 pints of good quality vinegar


We had all the fresh ingredients, Tomatoes, Onions  Peppers, Apples. We had twelve apples from our very first harvest(beauties), and we gathered a box of windfalls in Brittany (oh for a bigger van).

Place all the ingregients into a pan and simmer for 2/3hrs. or until cooked. Remove the ginger before bottling. The frangance lingered in the kitchen for hours .mmmmm.......

There was time to wire up the hall for wall lights as the pan bubbled.

Nothing left to do now but bottle, in the same way as for jam. We used 2lb large gerkin, beetroot and small jam pots. We got fourteen altogether, and a sample dish for tea. It is the nicest chutney ever tasted (well in the land of dreams), and all for the cost of €6.70

The little glasshouse just finished in May, has already produced a generous supply of food. We will have enough chutney for the coming year, and have enough chillies hanging in the kitchen for this year and next leaving space to try new things next year. We have enjoyed tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, gerkins and corgettes, and we have next season leeks coming along which we planted before going to France.