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So the turbine has been working well now for over a year and a half, Fitting the smaller blades has really made a great diffrence as has increasing the strength of everything,

The UPS which we have being using as an inverter is going strong  The only thing about it is it is 300 meters away from the house, and if we wnt to shut it down to save power in calm times we have to travel up there, not so nice on a winters night . So  i have decided to try and control it remotely using rf signal.


On inspecting the UPS i see there are two switches, one for on and one for off, both are non latching types, the on swich requires to held in position for about 3 seconds.This is good as it should be fairly easy to parallel these with two relays, one with a timed operation. Out with the soldering iron and after a few hours we have two af activated circuits connected to relays reasy for insertion.

I have also decided to add a LVD circuit to the UPS. A lvd circuit disconnects the UPS when the battery voltage  Falls below a specified level and reconnects it again when the batterys are back to full charge . This is  essential really as it prolongs the battery life. The lvd circuit is built around a PICAXE chip. connected to two timed relays.

image27 This picture shows the Monitoring circuit,board which includes the two switchs, its  a simple job to solder a few wires across the backs of these, care is needed not to damage the ribbon cable.

Next steps Adding some solar panels

And rebuilding charlie turbine 2011 to Hugh Piggots design ..roughly :)