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How does your garden grow ?

It is our intention to grow only what we need, plant at different times and keep new crops coming on as we use them. At the back of the house where it is well sheltered and easy to access rainwater seems the most likely place for this year. We will grow our favorites: beetroot, leeks, onions, carrots, celery, potatoes, peas, lettuces, scallions, some fruit bushes. The top soil is good here, but too shallow. We scraped it off and lowered the subsoil, and will build it back up to a level of about 18" using the well composted soil from the floors of the sheds. There is a mighty smell from the upturned soil resembling.... pigs. This one below thought I wouldn't see him laughing as he was wearing a disguise..... not so.
Prepare the way
The weather has improved and the ground is drying up quickly. The decision to erect the tunnel in Dave's makes more sense as he is alongside the river for summer time watering. He has recently germinated eucalyptus seeds and plans to pot them out in the tunnel. It will also be ideal for some tomato and pepper plants.














March 22nd

The little digger came in very useful to dig out the foundations for the tunnel frame, the lads used spades the last time they put this up. It also made easy the task of digging out a fish pond in Dave's back garden. Most of the machinery that we have, are antique as the lads have them a long time acquiring them as they were needed over the years, the digger we purchased last year as none of us are as young as we feel.

Fish are jumping ! (soon)
Springtime at Dave's
We are noticing global warming as we have sunburnt faces. The weather is so favourable at the moment and we are availing of every moment outdoors. So much to do, it is still March and anything could happen. Dave and Jimmy have previously restored Dave's 300yr old cottage. There are no words to describe it's simple beauty throughout the seasons.










28th March

First exciting

It didn't look much like a gardening day with the threat of rain looming, but despite the cold wind it remained dry. Conditions were just right for rotavating the vegetable garden, stones removed and onion sets were the first to go in, then carrot seeds, beetroot, rhubarb tubers, blackcurrant, redcurrant, gooseberry, blackberry and plenty of spuds.

Later it was time to cut grass within the special circle of trees.

One day old, this little bull calf was born yesterday, Easter sunday. Liam our neighbour stood alongside as mother was very cagey of a stranger with a camera, who knows her little one could one day be on the internet !!! (hope they got my good side).
New kid on the block

Dawn April 5th
















The onions and carrots are already shooting up, no sign of the spuds yet, any day now ! We have planted a row of raspberry canes and a few strawberry plants in a clay tub.

Meanwhile we have gotten the tunnel bars erected. It was a very hot day and a little gusty, so it was all hands on deck as the plastic cover was put into position, (not as easy as it might sound).


With no time to loose, we get tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and chillies into growbags and they have settled in quickly.

We also planted out the eucalyptus seedlings into pots as others are germinating in seed trays. There will be lots of room for all.

There has been a few showers over the weekend and the grass and weeds are on the up, so as the song says "all I need is a rake and a hoe" ! It's getting exciting watching the little plants appear knowing that they will make tasty dishes before very long.

We are taking time out for a rest and hopefully get some "sun" in France for a few weeks.

Dave hopes to keep the weeds to a minimum until our return.

A Bientó















9th July

Arais aris 6weeks later.

It is mighty to be back to our little grey house in the west.

And just look at what the garden has been up to......

The fruit and vegetables are jumping out of the earth, they have been lying in wait for our welcome return. All are growing well with the exception of the runner beans, and the shallots which will have to be harvested straight away as the stalks are dying back. It has been raining most of the time since we left and the wet soil is not agreeing with them.

But they are sweet and tasty!

The potatoe's are blooming well, the carrots, beetroot, onions, spinach, pac choi, strawberries, raspberries, redcurrents are ripe for the picking.

Peas, broad beans, leeks, turnips, parsnips, sprouts and sconsonera are all growing well. It is such a pleasure to weed them and let the light at their roots.

The soil where the beans, sprouts and raspberries are planted is too peaty and is holding the rain, so it will be necessary to bring top soil from the fields later in the year. The sprouts seem happy enough though.

First dinner what a feast.

The natural beauty of the place is magical, the wet summer has not stopped the wild orchid's from flowering on the banks and in the fields.

The call of the birds as they teach their fledgelings to fly, we even had one tiny robin come indoors in the dark of the night.

And this blood red sunset as we head out for some tunes at the Tubbercurry music festival.

We are priveleged to share ......

Time for play

It's Old Fair Day in Tubbercurry and the first dry day since we came back from France....... So it's time to down tools and enjoy..

this is just a flavor of the day which was enjoyed by all.

young and old spinning and weaving

light on the feet
a gentle hand
wait till I tell ya !
hang on to your suspenders ladies...
tunes to sooth the savage beast, yea right !
young buskers
patrick feeney and fan entertain us

There was so much more to the day, young and old meeting to share time together, to walk, chat, eat, and drink.

And so later it was time for more tunes, the Forge first for jigs and reels and of course a good 'ol sing song with Frances, Pat and Noel. Then on to Brennan's to end the day the traditional way, and play tunes into the wee small hours.

Mark it into your diary for next year.


Harvest time