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There is a saying , a lot  of what you see depends on what you are looking for.


So its the Autumn Equinox, 21st september, and its time to take time away from the tigin liath to celebrate this time of balance, and harvest. The question is, not where to go as we are drawn to a special place, The first city of the  western ancestors  Ceathru Coill. We have been preparing now for a few days and we are excited, who knows what lies ahead. An early start a very light breakfast, we dress in suitable clothing as the day has begun wet, we are soon at the site. It seems like we are first to arrive no sign of human activity. A lone ram looks down from above he looks like a chieftan and inspects all who pass this way.



We have spent many times here in the past, each time very different, our only plan today is to stay away from the most used route, which is to the tombs. So its all downhill to the glacial valley but our first stop is to visit a now abandoned homestead.



It does'nt seem too long since someone spent time here, perhaps the harshness of conditions here have sent them elsewhere. We sit and try to imagine who would have lived here and who the first inhabitants might have been. The most recent inhabitants have left some clues around, Love story novels, an old pair of spectacles, the remains of a hairdryer, an old chair.
















And outside the remains of farm machinery, sheds  







And the uisce cover which reminds us of the pride once taken in the beauty of design of the ironworks.The triscall  and celtic artwork on the cover tell us we are in a very special place.It is time to bid farewell but we take with us mixed energies which are thought provoking.






On now to the glaciel valley, we join hands as we take a step together forward back in time. valley










Rocks are strewn along the base and sides of the valley from land slides which are on going.







The sun appears and highlights a golden bough which once grew high above.





gbough2We take time to admire its beauty. The canyon is about 600 feet wide and 100 feet deep. There are lots of small caves and indentations high up in the stone cliff face. We hope   to find somewhere suitable to celebrate this harvest time. The sky has darkened and the sheep are climbing for shelter, It seems like each one is guided to a suitable place of refuge. We put on oil skins and seek shelter under the cliff behind some blackthorn bushes, where we are joined by a robin, we share the ripe sloes while the rain pours down in front of us.



Again the sun appears and we head along the valley, we are very conscious of the presence of the ancesters, above us to our left and not visible from here is a large plateaux with the remains of circular stone dwellings and two cairns above that.

To our right high above the cliff top are the remaining buriel tombs of the early inhabitants of the capital of Connacht.





Now the Valley divides before us. We have not been here before, we are enticed to our right

A face on the rocks calls us closer. 







Now there appears before us a hazelwood forest. As we enter the moist hazel barks are alive with moss and lichen and the forest floor is a carpet of autumnal shades. It feels like we are not alone, we are being observed by nature which has taken on shapes and disguises to welcome us and we reciprocate.



Some time later we slowly and reluctantly take our leave, we take with us nine hazel nuts from the moss floor to plant later in a very special pool Dubh Linn. As we step out from the undergrowth into the light. Which way ?......valley2










In front of us is a grass ledge about 20feet wide which leads on into the distance. There is a steep drop to our left, the cliff face on our right is sheer and yet it seems as if we are to take this route, but how ? it is over hanging and at least 40 feet to the top.

Just then we see a crack in the rock in front of us, it is covered with bramble and bracken which we carefully prise back to reveal an opening to the top of the cliff. It is a steep climb but we can manage with a little wriggling and stretching and by helping each other. Soon we are on top and see a place in the distance where we have spent special time in the past, we begin to walk in that direction.  

But as we do so another place unfamiliar to us draws us. Today we have not set out with a destination in mind so we are completly open to letting nature lead us. We dry our clothes here. This is a place for quiet time and reflection. 




The sky tells us that it is time to move, and again we follow the direction in which we are being led. In the distance we can see one of the cairns and we begin to recognise our location. We have been in this area before. We are stopped in our tracks..... and we wonder if we are imagining what lies before us ! ! !   We have been here many times before and yet we have not seen this place.






There before us lies an opening at least 60feet square and 40feet deep, and at the bottom there seems to be a small opening to the under ground.







We climb down to take a further look, and see that through this opening there is a cavern. We enter into the darkness, a little anxious as we cannot see if the ground under foot is firm or safe. Soon our eyes become accustomed to the darkness and we are able to see what is around us. 









We are in a cave about 60feet wide with a lot of fallen rocks about. We tried to take a picture but the batteries died in the camera at that moment. The energy feels strange, now there is a down pour outside and we realise that it is our place of shelter, and a place to take time out to do our thanksgiving celebration. Time passed quickly, and the cold temperature warn us that it was time to depart. We climb through the opening and back up to the surface. The feeling of exileration made us giddy and child like, had we really experienced this or were we imagining it, we had never found it before, why now ?. When we got back to Molly who was waiting patiently for us we realised that it had been five hours since we set out. We had not taken food with us and yet we didn't feel hungry.

It had been a magical mystical day.

We decided a week later to return and if the cave existed we would take some pictures, yes we found it but as we entered, the newly charged batteries in the camera died as we tried to take the first one...... The energy was very heavy inside and so we called it a day doubt we will return another day..