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green-fairy-thIts always beautiful to share a smile, a tune, time, a dream, Love


This story starts as another Saturday night's music draws to a close. A gathering of twenty musicians all in good spirits after the music and songs, but for one musician the closing of the night was the opening to a few days magical adventure.musnotes


As is usual after a session to get chatting with the Musicians, but one in particular has drawn our attention, Adnil a fiddle player wearing scarfes of many colours, we noticed her earlier in the night, one who played the enchanting music of life and travelling in a multicoloured van.

 hipvanWe speak for a while and we learn she is of another land, and has come here to find the connection to a place where music flows over a land of sharing and equality. We realise that we can help her with the quest and start by offering her a place to rest and start her journey.

 Soon we are on the lana draiocht on route to the tigin liath, a place of everyday magical happenings, open only for those who can see. A few more hours talking and listening for the singing lady of the lane, then  its time for sleep,and to board the raft of dreams.....

 Barefoot we walk the path to the Stone circle, to meet the wise woman who has the knowledge of the connection we are looking for, but something is wrong. There are no birds singing, all is still. We explore the area and enjoy the feel of the damp and sometimes mucky earth under our feet. It starts to rain.  A tiny path draws our attention it leads to a small grove of Alder trees and on their branches mistletoe is growing in Harmony. its now we notice the chimes hanging from two Hawthorn trees, they have been silenced by a massive storm sometime beforehand.



There is stream to be crossed so Keltia undresses and swims to the chimes, gathers them and returns to Adnil who soon repairs them with some magical blue string, and together they paint them with symbols and the colours of the four elements. During this time a snake of another time visits and reveals to Adnil the importance of music in nature.


pool3They carry them back to the stream to replace them to their original positions but now there is a bridge over the stream, they cross it and hang the chimes from the Hawthorn trees..almost at once they chime, not shrill but low soft sounds, now the birds sing and the wind whistles in the branches. All appears well again.





The circle is alive and in it stands the wise woman, her face smiling in the knowledge of what is to come..

She welcomes Adnil, it is as if they know each other from another time, they are easy together, the love of nature flowing through both, Keltia watches as they draw energy from the four directions ,cleansing their Auras and empowering their energy fields. It is a beautiful the dark haired one as always guards the circle.



The wise woman imparts much knowledge to Adnil about the magic of the Lana draiocht, and its inhabitants, a very rare people from a distant place, a place not known to have a name. No labels . She also arranges for all three to meet later tonight, to help Adnil in her search to find her connection ..On leaving she says to Adnil that it will be a night of magic but only if she is brave enough to open the door to the place containing the raft of Dreams..and enter with honesty and truth and the love for all.


And so they each take their leave to rest, for Keltia and the wise woman know what the night will bring they also know that if Adnil opens the door, her life will never be the same again.door


Soon it is the appointed time, Midnight . Adnil has spent the night with a curious mind, this was a night she could have missed, if not for her attendance at the music session, it really is so easy to miss the signposts to the wonderful things this life has to offer she thought . She enters the tigin to find Keltia and the wise woman chanting in soft tones,she is reminded of the chimes and she knew that both people and land here were of the ONE.

Silently and without hesitation she undressed and sat with the others in a circle in front of a fire which was glowing brightly, fueled by the love that was building between the three free spirits gathered.

They spoke for a time of their various backgrounds and adventures far and near, of friends and lovers. They massaged each other exploring the contours and textures, sensing the spirit.

Now it was time for Adnil to take the challenge, to open the door she has known of for a long time. She has already proven herself by being naked and leaving the material world behind. "I must leave you now" the wise woman announces, "Keltia will help you with the rest of your journey", she vanished silently.



Adnil approaches the door hesitates for just a moment and passes through knowingly, Keltia is present which neither surprises nor alarms her. "Welcome to the raft of dreams" he says taking her hand and encourages her to take the first step onto a multicoloured couch in a wide open space. "An bhfuil tu reidh" he says smiling.....


Now she is in a new place, a feeling of unconditional love exists, a pure energy. Also the energy of trust and honesty mixed with the magical love of nature, mystical music, gentle one of the flower is in her head...



Together they walk naked as Keltia once more takes Adnils hand, let us go to the river he says..they step onto a path, the long grass wet with the moisture of the night, brushes against their bodies the Moon now almost full illuminates the path. It is a sensual time. They cross the small stream at the Dubhlinn a pool of enchanted dreams and continue on down the Lana draiocht..






Furher on, around another bend in the river Keltia stops, points to three stepping stones in the river.."there" he says "is the connection to the next step of your journey, the ancient whispering stones of the river its time now for to sit an listen to the stones.But they must only be crossed over after you have  prepared for the next part of your journey" .


They both sit by the river and are still Adnil listens to the stones ,the water flowing gently through them ,After some time they enter the water, the moon is glowing brightly, together they pay tribute and thank the goddess for escorting Adnil along the path. Adnil salutes the moon with a yoga pose Keltia notices her body is illuminated as if by the goddess herself.


They sit on the moist grass and are quiet, they wonder at the magic of the night .They embrace to the music of the river which is now becoming noticably louder as if sensing the moment.

Across a field Adnil notices a cottage it is now almost dawn and there is a heavy mist, the place is mystical. I wonder who lives there she says, Keltia of course knew, but  did not answer as  his mind was now on the task that lay ahead for Adnil, now that she had opened the door.Crossing the stones would be another step. "They have a boat"  Adnil said  "If I only had a two foot boat I could sail down this little river and be carried off to sea..Imagine if every day could be like this." Once again they stand and admire the Moon as the sun now appears from the east.


"Everyday is like this here" says Keltia as the music of the river brings him to another place...


The magic lives on....