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A TOUCH OF AFFLUENZA.. ...............Hardrain project

There's a lot of it about, the Affluenza virus......Its a sneaky bug and most sufferers are not aware they have contracted it.. Symptoms include restlessness, tired and bored a lot of the time , which in turn lead on to further problems such as weight gain etc. It is also very contagious and has spread rapidly across the globe. It has no age or gender boundaries, those who are most seriously effected can envisage no cure, because the treatment appears beyond their comprehension but as a man once said "there is none so blind as he who cannot see"

So can he not, or will he not see?. is there a difference?



Luckily enough there is a test for the disease its at the bottom of the page...

The question to ask is Can you do without "IT" IS it the second car, the holiday abroad, the bar of chocolate the pint of Guinness, the bottle of wine, the shopping trip at the weekend possibly to satisfy children's cravings. Any of these things can be expanded out its how the virus spreads., so you see its not about big expensive things but things we have become accustomed to but which are not necessary to live a contented life.

What is your it the new car every year, the ski trip, A visit to the north pole at Christmas, The latest fashions. The few drinks of course the list is endless But they all have one thing in common, they can be done without and all cost money. Perhaps your desire is to sleep well and contented which is a necessity for a healthy lifestyle.

Living off grid here we have had to get used to the idea of not having electricity on some days, and this means no electric gadgets. It has shown us that we can cherish our existence without these things .most of what we have is recycled or salvaged from skips or secondhand shops..there is an organisation called freecycle and its a very good place to give or pick up bits and pieces that fulfill the job in hand.

So its up to each one of us to fight the virus, in whatever way we can .Try to live for a day or a week without spending money.or as little as possible .Its surprising how you will adapt to not having the ipod etc at all times...

Recycle_4Its probably too late for the present generations to see a world without affluenza. there are not many people brave enough to take on the fight. How many do you know who could even try the one week ? But we can help future generations by educating the young to the pitfalls of materialism left untreated the virus will destroy us all.Its amazing how the young will adapt to the surroundings, A child for example with no plastic toys will make his own from stuff lying about , bits of timber or whatever, this in turn helps him to be come inventive in his everyday life he builds skills to help him in the future.

As in all things there are those who prosper on the backs of others. Manufacturers produce stuff that has a few years life and then needs to be dumped, Its like the so called NCT test here in Ireland a total scam and nothing to do with road safety. It is a real waste of all resources to see a car perfectly drivable perhaps a little the worst for its 9 or ten years been crushed because it doesn't pass some daft test thought up by people whose only interest is to sell more cars, shame Look at the mobile phone rip off new phones released all the time batteries still die after a short time, so yes dump it and get new one Ah yes its has 3g 4 g radio TV plays tunes , but at the end of the day its a phone just for talking on,.whats the point of having Internet on a phone if its too expensive to use it.....still its another gadget with its hook well into the soft people. As you can see we could go on for ever writing this but i think the point is made



  • .Have you everything you need except happiness?
  1. you could change your car for a new one
  2. you could take that second holiday
  3. send your children to private school
  4. if you could live like someone else
  • Do you feel lethargic, restless ungrounded, discontent and don't know why
  • Is it difficult for you to experience pleasure from things that once excited you.
  • Do you enjoy outdoor walking etc
  • Are you creative / music painting etc.MELODEO

There are many questions you may ask and only you have the cure for " you." Why not be one of the brave ones?