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A new day has dawned Its 5 am the Sunrise beams its  wonderous  light across the bogs of Mayo creating a new blanket of colour, reds browns greens purples. Another day and yet it still amazes us  to have the eyes to see and the vision to admire  this beauty . How fortunate we are to have been chosen to be the caretakers of this magical land of our birth . A land that has had its share of suffering over the years but yet its beauty shines strongly. Our mission is to enhance and never to take from this natural state. Since moving here 7 years ago we have been living of grid,  with respect for the land and ancestors before us who also lived off grid.

To us off grid living is a way of life, not suited to many in these modern times. Most who know us would see us as stepping back in time or opting out of life but for us its about embracing life and sharing its natural state. Here we have created a place where we can live as sustainably as possible, growing our food, generating the small amount of electricity we need and harvesting the most precious water. Using composting toilet  andhaving  no electrical appliances such as fridge or washing machine or shower, we have no need of such things.

Its now 8 am as we walk down a path throught the field to the Dubh linn our daily dipping place which we share with the river Trout . There's a breeze now, its from the north its cool on the bank, but soon we are immersed in  the awakening waters and  its not noticable as it passes overhead. The birds on the nearby wires announce the news of the day as we emerge into the sunshine, as they have been up since the crack of dawn gathering all the gossip. Our bodies now tingling from the cool water are warmed by the sunshine as we head back for the awaiting warm porridge within the tigin liath. Its all so simple, we live simply and not just simply live. 

This mornings activities include some lime plastering on an old stone building with many stories to tell ,including hand written inscription on a base stone, but thats another story for another time. But first a few tunes to be played,  the morning Thrush, an old traditional irish air  usually goes  down well with the audience of Robins, Blackbirds Finches etc. sometimes joining in.

Time do dig the spuds and choose todays menu from the abundant garden, mister Robin of course is close by and issuing  many instructions about where to dig. Yes we have become very close to nature here. The pleasure we get from all these activites is immense,like today we harvest the first plum. The seasons work is  so worthwhile and acknowledged as we taste the delights on our plate each day. Theres always somebody or something waiting in the wings to scupper our plans of course, like the Cabbage white, Sawflys Slugs Ants etc, but usually theres enough for all. A little sharing goes a long way.

This afternoon a walk to town is planned, it's  15k round trip as we need a hinge for the shed door ,and a bar of Chocolate. Its a grand walk on a dry day, and its good for us not sure about the Chocolate though a little of what you fancy.... On our return we  stop off at our neighbour and good friend for a chat and a cuppa. Mayby some more intelligence is to be gathered ,he's got a radio and tv .

Evening and the sun is setting, The sounds of Swallows gathering, the drumming of the Snipe which sounds like the bleating of the Sheep come from overhead   The Crows accumulating for their last evening flight before bed.

Once more we walk to the river , we pass the giants chair, created for the wandering giant storyteller from the western lands, He's sleeping now so shhhh ssshhh careful not to wake him. So we tiptoe past to let him dream up another magical story.

Time for a homemade wine at the waters edge, to discuss the days events and daydream for tomorrow but soon   we are watching the blanket of colour again as it gradually changes and darkens , bringing peace and stillnes to this beautiful land. Another day draws in and gentle sleep aproaches. material1


The quote on the left is by the    Cree Indians


Jimmy hails from Wexford from a family steeped in Irish traditional music. Influenced greatly by his Grandmother, began to play the Melodeon at the age of 6yrs. Later found Nature to be his guiding force. He worked outdoors in Horticulture until the time was right to leave the conventional lifestyle and dedicate himself to Nature's intended harmonising ways. 

Judycame from a farming background, where the morther had the influencing role as her father died a young man. She and her sisters became independent and capable at a young age. The Padraic Colum poem The Old Woman of the Roads made a great impression on her.

Their lives connected them ten years ago, and since then have lived every moment getting closer with The Nature.