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Christmas was aproaching, a season of good will and a time for fun and frolics. We had our christmas cards made, homemade presents almost finished ,and so with a basket of freshly reconstructed candles we headed off to the local market. The excitment was building as we had no idea what we would trade the candles for. The larder was well stocked with seasonal bounty, so we would not go hungry this christmas. So ! what type of a treat would we trade for ?









As we browsed about the various stalls we considered how lucky we were to be here with our basket of candles, There was every type of food, cheeses, meats, Chutneys, all home made . There were wooden toys, handknitted garments, hats socks, you name it, it was there. We noticed the stall holders themselves, all having a few words for their customers, and some had little samples, and treats which they offered freely. There was so much choice, how do we choose.!!!




But we had also noticed something strange, it was that we had not seen any money change hands. Just then we notice a stall at the far end of the market yard, it was a bright stall with a rainbow tarpaulin cover. as we went closer we could see a man selling a wide variety of things including small hand made jewellery, some made from silver, some from sea shells, crystals, coloured stones, paintings etc. As we are very interested in people and their stories from life, we noticed there was something about this man that attracted us both to him. He wore brightly coloured clothes, and sandles even though it was December and frosty. He also wore his hair long and natural, on which he wore a hat decorated with many coloured ribbons, and as we got closer to him he smiled and said Greetings Is'nt Life beautiful

We spoke for a while about the beauty in the everyday magic of we viewed his stall we noticed among the boxes of his handycraft a low whistle. It was partly covered with a black velvet cloth embroidered with an emblem in silver tread. "So you are a musician" ? we ask . "Ah yes" he says ,"I play a few from the tapestry of I compose, but it is only special ones who can hear the notes, those who are free". At this stage he pulled back a curtain which revealed an intriguing door at the back of the stall, and smiles. "This is the door to freedom he says, many come here and see it, but are not free to enter....

Are you?"

He then says "in exchange for your beautiful candles I will play you a tune, those candles will bring light to my life for many a nights enjoyment." As we like to explore new adventures this was an offer we had to accept, after all the promise of a new adventure excites us.

We agree to the bargain, we are a bit anxious because we have parted with our candles for a tune which we may not be able to hear. He takes up the Low Whistle and with great care removes the black cloth from it . He holds the flute to the east and says in a loud voice. May the power of the spirit of air, power of the East of all the little flying birds, fill this instrument with the music of life. Now he looks to us as if he is in a trance, he is distant as he draws the first breath. Then we hear itand as the door opens we have no hesitation in walking through.

Now we have entered a world of a new type of freedom, some not known to us before.

A place of joy and happiness. a place many never experience. A panoramic view of life is before us, it was as if looking down from above.There are forests , lakes, mountains, oceans and deserts, animals and humans..there is a great feeling of unity. There are no Borders , fences, red lines or prohibited notices or boundaries in relation to humans, there is no need for them because all are in harmony. We stroll over to the beach, its now become a warm sunny day. The beach is full of people of all ages, families are enjoying the day with each other , it comes to our attention that no one is wearing clothes, including us. Its a naturist beach, but nobody seems to notice, it simply doesn't matter, again its a place for freedom to those who have found the key.



Imagine there's no Heaven

It's easy if you try .

No hell below us

Above us only sky

Imagine all the people

Living for today

Next we stepped into the forest into the cool atmosphere provided by the great oak trees, Here we came across a community living in tipis and yurts, all helping each other to live sustainably in harmony with nature. Living with what nature provides, no utilities and a sharing of knowledge and labour. The young ones learninng from the experience of elders. We are invited to share dinner with them and afterwards we exchanged some life experience stories. They tell of their life since they got rid of the material side how it has brought them great freedom and how they found the key








Imagine there's no countries

It isn't hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for

And no religion too

Imagine all the people


Living life in peace


Next morning after sharing a meal, entertainment and a bed with this clan we decided to go and explore a bit .We got chatting and had tea with a man named Dubdree down by the river, who told us of a magical lake on top of a mountain. and he offered to take us there, as it would be impossible for us to find it alone. We needed guidence to find the path with all the dense undergrowth. We walked for about two hours sharing tales and childhood adventures, as if we were children ourselves, young and carefree. Then as if by magic we arrived at the top of the mountain, but where is the lake we ask him.. its nowhere to be seen..Ah he says it is right in front of you all you have got to do is take one step towards the unknown and it will appear. We take the step and sure enough there is the lake, huge, blue with a silver's just about two hundred meters away just as the land drops off to the valley. Is it real! without any hesitation we run towards it the nearer we get the bigger it looks . So in we go and after a while of splashing around we realise that we have been joined by Dubdree and also a lady who is called Ailill.




You may say i'm a dreamer

But i'm not the only one

I hope someday you will join us

And the world will be as one














Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world



We splash , we are all carefree and childlike.... none of us even aware of our nakedness..

We look up from the water to see a double rainbow over the mountain. The light has become mystical and magical, we realise we are in a special place with special people.






The evening is growing chilly, so we prepare a fire from driftwood, Dubdrenn produces food and wine from somewhere . It's all very relaxing and informal, as we sit around the fire, naked, we have really connected, a bond of trust has formed between us and as we move to gentle massaging and touching it all feels so good. very sensual and not a threatening in any way. It's an acceptance of each, of the other.


The night passes........and as we bid farewell each are aware of how to unlock the magic door...we found the Key. We walk for a while and in the distance we see a woman with a basket in her hand. She sings as she approaches us , "would you like a choux -choux" she says . As we chew on them we hear the music of the clarinet, first in the distance but now close beside us, as we look around we notice people in the market are busy chatting and carrying on their bussiness. The musician winks, we wonder about the trinkets on his stall.. who made them.

Could it be you?..

You may say that I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one

I hope someday you'll join us

And the world will live as one


Life is for sharing,

Is this story real, do these people exist. Have they found freedom or does it exist at all.. there's only one way to find out the door.

The door is the entrance to acceptance to live and let live. To share our brief time together, easier for some than others. There is nothing to fear from those who have walked through the door and unless you ask, they will not reveal what lies beyond.