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Sunday 14th June 09 ....

Time to  Bare all.. be warned!!!The session ends in Ballaghadeereen at 11. 30.  So its a quick dash home, grab the supplies and away. Its time for another adventure, this time to the south...





garkenmarecircleWe journey south for midsummer, the photo's from last  year's summer solstice bare hunting adventure with Spencer Tunic  are available for collection. In the dark of the night  along with 1,000 other adventurous fun seekers we bared all in Blarney Castle, it was a night to remember.

so without further adieu ......

Cork was busy when we arrived, a city is a city so we collected the photo's and we headed west. The beauty of the place is breathtaking.

  We arrived in Kenmare at midday. We came prepared as always with the bare necessities mainly (home grown vegetables). We cooked dinner and took a walk around town. Kenmare is a small tourist town with a difference,  right in the heart of the town there is an anchient stone circle. We spent some time here as it was lunch time and we had the place to ourselves. 

 Then we made another magical discovery called the "Jam Bakery" , we took away homemade strawberry Swiss Roll which was too good not to mention and very generous helpings mmm..... beighamid ar ais aris

 We drove out towards Garnish and as evening approached found the perfect place to spend the night. We awoke early the next morning, its a very beautiful place , calm still waters .A light breeze gently carries the scent of wild flowers to us, birds are singing. something is feeding on the water surface .We know this  is going to be a great day.

Breakfast outdoors





Rhododendron Ponticum is becoming a big problem in some parts of the country, it is very beautiful to look at but it takes over whole areas if left unattended.






















We have been following a coastal path  admiring the wild flowers and scents  when we stumble on an ideal swimming place complete with sandy bare bottom. 

Pictures can say more than words........















Wildroses scent the morning air.                                                                             Who could not be tempted to go swimming here













An ideal place to try a little Five element Tai Chi.


It is also a place of many anchient  stone circles and  fort.


Derrintaggart west stone circle

The sea winds fairly steady  from the west leave their mark on the landscape . Home for the night................



garharbourCastletown  Bere called after O'Sullivan Bere the clan chieften who in 1603 marched with 1,000 men to Leitrim  a 14 day walk, they fought the British, they were joined by the Spanish army but were defeated by the crowned forces at the battle of Kinsale 35 men survived 




Along our journey Dzog chen Beara beckoned  us , come look and listen to the ocean for a time and just be.  Eyeries is just one of the beautiful villages on the Bere peninsula.




                                                                                                                                                                                     We took the car ferry from Kilimer to Tarbart as for the experience and to stay on the coast for as long as possible.  We spent the night in the Burren before heading home to the north west.





So who  called ?                                                                                                                                                          


                                                                                                                                                                             Was it the Spencer Tunic photo's , The Bere Peninsula, the Stone Circles,  the Swiss Roll, who knows !  on this adventure they are all significient and equally important.