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In search of the Magic Lake !

Adventure time is here, Sarah has arrived for a visit and we have chosen a special place to take her to. We made our way South and give her some clues as to our destination, which she guessed first time. She has been keeping up with us on the web site and knows of the magical time that we spent there two years ago. As we turned off for the approach road to the foot of the mountain, there is a "private road" sign erected to prevent us from getting close enough to begin our walk.

We drove around for some time but as we hadn't taken maps with us we had to abandon our plans. As we headed up to the horseshoe nearby in the Mourne mountains there was a large notice saying that the land is privately owned and 

that hikers are not welcome..more greed.

Ireland the land of the thousand welcomes, cead mile failte, explain that one to the tourists who come here every year to hike our beautiful mountains and enjoy our culture and our character. Farmers are the guardians of the land, how many of them even know what that means. Just look around at the plastic from the winter fodder in "their " fields and hedgerows...... Sarah tries to pick up bottles and cans dumped alongside the river, also carefully packed black bags full of rubbish have been thrown into a ruined building at a  local amenity area.


We ponder for a while and then let go of our grievance's for today so that we can enjoy this special time together.

While walking in a wintry April shower in the woodland we find dismembered body parts of agiant who once passed this way, looks like it was a mighty mess. We enjoy the beauty of some delicate flowers growing aloft in a mossy tree, some proud protective sheep with their lambs look on cautiously, and towering over all, the king's head peeps out from the clouds and looks on....... knowingly !

Beach time

Tra bleua is only a stones throw from here as the crow flies, the rain has stopped and we can't resist a visit to our favourite beach in Ireland or anywhere ! Once visited you will understand.


The walk from the road to the beach takes about 10mins. and the build up is exciting, with a welcome from the skylark flittering overhead, then the sound of the ocean beckons from across the sand dunes.Wow there it is... the water looks dark as is the sky overhead but with a sandy beach about 3km. long to enjoy and amazing scenery all feels bright, Sarah's first impressions are obvious as she allows herself time to accept the reality. Then we spot a lone creature at the sea shore, at first it looks like a penguin, (it may be cold but not quiet Arctic), has he lost his way? On closer inspection we see that it is a Guillemot he allows us to get very close. Maybe he has taken a break from fishing, or just got tired nattering to friends or relatives and likes time alone (this is the place !). As we look back he is on the crest of a wave possibly surfing ! On the far end of the beach across the rocks there is a flock of Brent Geese taking time out from their return flight to Greenland



Life is beautiful