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On St.Stephen's Day we took a trip to the Keash Caves, located between Boyle in Co.Roscommon and Gurteen in Co.Sligo. We took Molly along to work off her Christmas dinner. Christmas day had been a picture postcard day, with beautiful soft fluffy snow covering an talamh(ground) with a white blanket as far as the eye could see. It had melted very quickly overnight with just traces remaining. The caves are a magical sight to behold, even from the road. It is a steep climb, so good grips are required especially for the decent, a stick would also be useful. The caves are too mumerous to count as each one leads into another one. As soon as you enter you can sense the energy all around, from the earth below, from the walls,which are soft in texture from the constant trickle and flow of water within. Each cave has its own unique offering, most are big enough to stand upright, Molly had an avtantage as she could fit into places and go further into the underground, but she was wise enough not to enter when she was unsure. One entrance was guarded by the Hawthorn tree, this was one of the narrowest and deepest with a water cascade at the back. Molly's green eyes were like torches. There is a sense of belonging and when you are leaving you know that you will return!


It's just a short trip away to Carrowkeel Megalithic Tombs

The snow still lay deep but now crisp on this higher ground. It was a sight to behold with winding roads visable with the earlier tracks of possibly, the sheperd tending his flock. The horned rams observed us, and were like guardians of the sacred ground, even Molly didn't pose a threat, they knew it and she knew it. It seemed like we were the sole living occupants on this evening awaiting for the rise of the full moon. We watched as the sun set with colour changes almost momentarily. We entered the upper tomb and paid respect to our ancestors as Molly guarded the entrance while darkness fell. It wasn't a night to view the full moon rise as cloud coverage was extensive. We made our desent and bade farewell for now to this sacred place.


A magic place indeed..............        Keash caves