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Trip to Kenmare and Burren



A hemp and lime plastering course in the Rusheens in Kenmare enticed us to take time out and head south. We headed off a week before to enjoy a leisurely trip. We took the car ferry from Kilimer in Co.Clare to Tarbert in Co.Kerry which took 20mins it was like old times. It is a great service, with a crossing every hour. We brought the hiking boots and the weather was perfect for climbing. We found a great spot for the Tigin, and it blended perfectly into it's surroundings. Next morning we met the local farmer who told us that while he had climbed the mountain facing us but once, a long time ago and that it has a good view of Kenmare and the bay. So with Molly in tow we set out for Boughal mt. we walked about 5km by road before starting the assent. We discovered wild flowers that we don't have in the north west or on the east coast such as the butterworth.






The wind was mighty when we reached the summit and for a moment I was soaring up up.... flying with the birds.there was time for a dip in a small lake, that was a first, swimming at more than 2,000 ft above sea level. We went in search of a stone circle which was now closed to the public, so we followed the map which led us to a secluded road between two mountains. We saw three cars over the two days that we spent here. We did a little climbing and exploring between showers. We filled the Tigin with water from the mountain stream as it tasted like no other.

It was time to head for the Rusheens, this too was a beautiful place, a cul de sac, surrounded by a horse shoe of mountains. Myself and Molly explored the area in the wonderful sunshine while Jimmy learned about this natural building material and got the opportunity to use it. Steve Allin who co-ordinates and teaches his skills on this course is living and working with hemp and lime in the Rusheens for 25yrs. In the evenings we spent time in Kenmare and the surrounding areas. There is a Stone Circle in the town and on our first visit there a young couple were reading poetry and playing tunes on a tin whistle to celebrate their ancestors. We spoke with an elderly American couple who were part of a bus tour, and had never heard of a stone circle, he was fascinated by it.






So now it was time to head off and create some more adventures. But first a visit to an amazing woman in Eyeries who gave me a crystal reading. She is a woman who works with nature and she opened the door to my past present and furure....Wow.



We spent the night along the seashore and watched the sunset, which gave Molly the chance for a swim. We visited Ardgroom Stone Circle which we were lucky enough to have to ourselves and to spend some time there. On our way back in on the Beara Peninsula we saw a sign for CashelKielty Stone Circle, it was a warm sunny day and we had all the time in the world.... We crossed a turn style and into a forest, we walked along a stream which lead to a clearing, out onto the mountain side and there in front of us grows a magical tree!!!!






Then on up to the Stone Circle which lay at the side of what appeared to be the green road that once crossed the mountain. The mountain called.....we reached the top and took some sun, it seemed that we, with the mountain ram were kings today.



On our way back enclosed by some Hawthorn hid a pond with a waterfall, time now to take a refreshing dip.

We left Kerry by return ferry into Clare and our destination was the Burren. We stopped off in Ennis, browsed in music and book shops, bought some signed books by Eddie Lenihan a local folklore, who writes for adults and children alike. We parked up at the foot of Mullach Mor, our mission was to photograph as many flowers as we could find. This is an amazing unique terrain world renowned, three quarters of our native flora can be found here.








The climb was slow stopping to take hundreds of pictures, taken on 11th/12th May but I'm sure that you will agree is was worth it, there is a sample in the slide show below from Burren east/midland.

Next day it was time to head to Eagles Rock. We enjoyed a few hours climbing here and decided to descend on the cliff side. It was an adrenalin rush, with a few hairy moments. Jimmy was born with climbing feet, they seem to bend in the middle, Molly, well she will follow anywhere he leads, it was 1,000ft drop (not for the fainthearted) I needed a helping hand here and there. What a thrill !








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