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Where to start?

Ok if you've got anywhere between 20 to 50 thousand Euros to spend its no bother getting a camper van.These appear to have everything including satellite tv.So there you go........For ourselves being used to being outdoors in a tent the tv is not important so we are searching the motor ads for a van about four years old ..perhaps a Mercedes sprinter or Ford transit. No easy task one look at the motor magazines ad and theres hundreds of vans,but to get the right one. We intend on fitting this out ourselves over time The first stage being a cooker sink and sleeping space.

Change of plan already

As our search continued and it seemed like doing our own conversion was going to be the only way that we could stay within our price range and still have a reliable van.

Time was going to be a big factor as we had about six weeks to find and convert before departure.

But.....we just didn't get the 'this is it' factor from any that we saw, and then it happened the 'Tigin'


The Toyota Coaster

So we started looking in th e buy and sell and there it was. A nice home conversion fitted toilet, sink,cooler and bed all in an 1984 Toyota coaster originally a minibus in pmo. and very tidy How could w not drive to Wexford to look at this bargain at 4200

Well first sight said it all and it was not the hand painted white gloss paint finish, complete with drips. Or the en suite that was also a wardrobe.The speedometer was a massive thing screwed to the dashboard with a huge red light attached, not sure what this was for possibly something to do with Ailiens Need I go on .Suffice to say we decided against it.But it was a usefull trip as we got an idea of the space inside the bus which was about 20 foot long Also we thought that there were too many windows ,which could prove awkward in relation to insulation especially as we plan Sweden as the first stop.However it was a beautiful day which brought me back to my Wexford roots and it was a fun trip

So back to the search.

Ford Transit

One week later

Have looked at a lovely ford transit But the roof is too low. We have decided that we are going for either a VW 35 LT or Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter

.Advertised as 1998 and 48 k milage in good condition we had a look at this o ne .It was a builders van a bit rough but it was ok and only a medium wheelbase.

So we thought about it for a while ( 5 minutes) it was a bit small for us ..and the milage!!!

Volkswagen 35 LT

This was indeed a lovely van 2002 dark blue 67k milage it was a bit too expensive The next LT35 was also in great condition 2001 48k . This one was up to the job ok But bearing in mind we would still have to fit it out we left it.....Just as well for us..





We headed for Moon in Co.Carlow after making contact with George, we liked the sound of what he had to offer....a Mercedes camper with only 60k miles on the clock. We were like kids on Christmas morning on the 2hr.journey, we were so excited, we both had the same feeling that this was going to be the one. We felt that the minute we saw it we would know for sure. We drove in through the gate and there it was, it was it....if it started it was ours!

It not only started it was the business, it had everything we ever dreamed of and more besides. Things like gas heating, hot and cold water, a shower, a tv. plus all the regular stuff like fridge, cooker sink etc. We spent 2hrs. looking at it, going for the test drive and doing the deal. It was in spotless condition, it was like new and yet it was 19yrs old. We agreed to come back the next evening to collect it. We drove home almost in disbelief, we couldn't wait to get the finances sorted and get back down in case we were dreaming. We struggled to get the money together so quickly, and were actually combining and counting it in the car on the way down. It was ours.....there was a few modifications that would make living easier so Jimmy set about it. He put in a gas oven as there was a microwave that we had no use for. He installed an inverter so that we could use the tv. the stereo(which he also wired up)and this laptop all at the flick of a switch(Mc Iver).He fixed the fan which was blocked with dust and leaves, he put in reversing lights and tightened the fanbelt. We needed to have everything in good working order for our adventure to Sweden.


Getting there...