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 Our mission this year is to be self sufficient in Tea and Wine. More and more we find that the chemical preservatives in wine are not agreeing with our bodies. Perhaps this is due to the fact that we are eating more and more organically grown fruit and vegetables and less and less processed products and that our systems are rejecting chemicals.

We have been busy making jams, (rhubarb and ginger/strawberry and rhubarb/ blackcurrant) It has been a great year for wild flowers too, so we have a lot of wines brewing ( dandelion/ elderflower / hawthorn flower / honeysuckle / also strawberry / rhubarb / redcurrant / blackcurrant ).There are still blackberry and elderberry to ripen and apples in the autumn.



The garlic is dried and hanging in the kitchen and the onions are harvested and drying out under cover from the rain.

Tea's have also been dried and stored for the winter, nettle, mint, peppermint and camomile.



It's seems like the perfect time for time out. This time we take the campervan as we have been invited to play in Aughris on the north sligo coast at the weekend and amplification will be required. We headed off loaded up with the necessary food from the garden for four nights away. We stayed overnight in the camper after wednesday night's session in Aclare at the foot of the Ox mts. and set off from there. We seem to be drawn to the Ox mts. this year.

We walked the Sligo way at midsummer, and we took a Lough Talt walk since then.  


We met local men Frank and Padraig hard at work in the noon day heat at the northeast end of Lough Talt. This was the first time since childhood to watch sheep being sheared  with a hand shears. It is great for us to have such amazing places and people on our doorstep. Descendants of the  "Children Of Lir" were not far away.

We traveled crossed the mountain gap on our way towards Ballina, and we stopped to pick up a back packer. He was a young French man on his way to show support to the protesters in Rossport ,north Mayo.    We had hot chocolate together before we parted company. He seemed very interested in our lifestyle and has hope and intentions to live a similar lifestyle himself and to pass on the seeds of this freedom to the younger generation. We will think of him often.

bridgeFrom Ballina we turned towards the Sligo coast with Killala Bay in view, the day was beautiful as was the view. We were familiar with some of this area as we had looked at a beautiful place on thirty acres of land with a river running through it, at the foot of the mountain. We were very tempted to buy it but then we found our present haven, (we hope that someone is enjoying living there nowLater we arrived in Inniscrone, it is a seaside resort. It's thursday, the season is ending so there is not too many people about. We walked along the pier took some sun on the rocks and found some treasure (as always) washed up on the shore. On the way back we picked some wild camomile for bedtime tea. There were traditional sessions in some pubs in the town but it was a night for rest.

The next day we arrived in the village of Easky. We spent several hours here as it is a very beautiful place. We took a walk along the river out to the castle. The villagers were very friendly and Jimmy remembered two of them from a family holiday in times gone by.



It was very noticable that there are a number of older men drinking on the benches along the river, we wondered if they had recently lost their jobs ?

It was time to find a suitable place to spend the night, and we did, out the coast towards Dromore West, down weasel road, as it is locally known. It had an open space on the waters edge, with cows for neighbours. First things first there were blackberries everywhere,


so we had some for tea. Then a long walk on the rocks and cliff and more treasure to be uncovered, there was no suitable bathing place so rockpool paddling was good, even Molly was happy.


From here we could see the surrounding area where we walked across the mountains just a few weeks ago. It was very a quiet night, we were lulled to sleep by the the sound of the rolling waves, the curlew, the swallows in training for the long journey ahead and the skylark (who sings in almost vertical ascension also whilst hovering at great heights and continues his song on his vertical descent) . There were no seagulls.


After an early morning walk we noticed a man on the beach collecting shells. I went down to talk with him and find out a bit about shellfish. Pat  was picking perriwinkles and showed me how to find them. We chatted for a while about the local area. He lives up in the same hills we had passed on our walk and he explained that it was too open here for the sea gulls.

Back to the camper with pockets filled with perriwinkles, no time to loose, into the boiling water for twenty minutes toss in garlic butter and eat. It was my first time to eat them and they were very tasty, a meaty texture not slimy as I had expected. Jimmy had eaten them before and knew what they were like. We will definately try them again.  


Back up weasel lane for more blackberries. Some were shared with Pat while we passed time together and the rest we had for desert, nature had provided us with a bountiful meal. It was hard to leave here but the tunes were calling, just as we were preparing to leave a young couple arrived and were planning to spend the night. We wished them a good night and said goodbye to Blackberry Way and headed for Aughris


How have we not discovered this coastline before ? one place is more beautiful than the next. The Beach Bar, is a thatched pub in a cul de sac on the sea shore. The beach is miles of a sandy shoreline  which we took a strole on before preparing for an evening of tunes. Cnoc na Ri overlooks the beach and we could see Coney Island, Strand Hill, and Ben Bulbin.

Then Joe and Pat arrived and the tunes began, we were joined later by Jim. Soon we had help from  singers and dancers (young and old). A mighty nights fun was had by all. 

































Next morning it was time to fill up with diesel and make our way home for some tunes in a local pub, but sin sceal eile




(Pat kissing a Gorilla...... aaaaaaa)