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28th April 2007

Special day.....Special man

Six months of planning, scheming, secret phone calls, help from family and friends and there ye have it !

Jimmy's 50th Birthday was fast approaching, and I set my sights on purchasing a Honda 50. He has never owned or even ridden a bike before. With just 10days to go, I was ready to turn to plan B when it appeared. I got it from an inner city Dublin man in his thirty's who felt that it was an older man's bike. It had one owner before that, a man in his 70's.

The day arrived and it was a morning full of excitment, opening of presents, including 9bars of chocolate (it may not be my birthday but I'm sure he'll share). So it's time to cut the grass, while Jimmy goes for the mower, the lads arrived with the bike ribbons and all.

Much to Jimmy's surprise and delight he greatfully receives his present. Liam rode it over the road this morning, which he got great pleasure from. A few times around the yard and soon he gets to grips with










Later the four of us went to Eagle's Flying in Ballymote. This is a santuary for birds of prey, and is run by a German family. Some birds come to them injured or abandoned. They are teaching a kestral how to hover as it has no parent to do so. The Red harrier above right thinks they are it's parents as they are caring for it since it was five days old. The eagle owl has piercing amber eyes. They are all very well fed and cared for. Well worth a visit.


No birthday would be complete without a few tunes. So after a tasty meal in Tubbercurry's Asian and European restaurant (highly recommend) it's off to the Riverside, in Coolaney. Frances, Francie and Jimmy, with Pat on guitar just out of the picture. We had mighty tunes, craic and a cake, it was a late one (so glad we brought the Tigin).

Here's to the next 50... magic man !