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BellsThis a a very special time here at the Tigin Liath..


Over the past few years here we have often felt the presence of the people who shared this land before us .We have found many old bits and pieces from the past occupants including old boots and shoes of children.


Now the owners of those shoes have come to visit their birthplace and re walk places of earlier days.. to school through the fields

They are also to meet their cousin Mary from USA here for the first time.













For the past while Judy has been piecing bits of the Finn Family tree together. Much information was to be had from Local men Liam Forkin  and Tom Jim Finn, who has the whole history of Cloontia researched and printed in book form.


We were priveliged to share a walk through the fields with mary and Nora, we retraced their footsteps through the fields which they took each day to the well for water, which was the only source of water for use in the house. Their mother Mary did all the family washing in the river at the end of the field.They also crossed these fields each day to school.

It was such an exciting moment to discover the well, we knew it was somewhere in this field as it is marked on the map, but without Mary's incredable memory we would still be searching. click here for the story of the well



Soon it was time for tunes, Teach Murray in Gurteen on a monday night is the place for ceol, caint agus craic. Both Mary and Nora enjoyed the night as we did before heading off for a night's sleep to prepare for Mary and Ron's arrival in the morning.






Mary and Ron......The Fuchsia's are for you

Ron and Mary are indeed very special visitors, they have travelled a very long way to visit the home of Mary's grandmother Nora Finn, who walked out from this yard in 1919 to sail for America.

It was just magic for us to meet Mary and hear how Nora talked about her home until her death in 1997. Next time we hope to have more time with them.





Ron was very interested in seeing Charlie (our wind turbine) while the girls walked and walked soaking up every step. So many memories, and so much to say.

There is always a cead mile failte here for your return.


An Old Woman of the Roads by Padraic Colum

O, to have a little house!
To own the hearth and stool and all!
The heaped up sods against the fire,
The pile of turf against the wall!
To have a clock with weights and chains
And pendulum swinging up and down!
A dresser filled with shining delph,
Speckled and white and blue and brown!
I could be busy all the day
Clearing and sweeping hearth and floor,
And fixing on their shelf again
My white and blue and speckled store!
I could be quiet there at night
Beside the fire and by myself,
Sure of a bed and loth to leave
The ticking clock and the shining delph!
Och! but I'm weary of mist and dark,
And roads where there's never a house nor bush,
And tired I am of bog and road,
And the crying wind and the lonesome hush!
And I am praying to God on high,
And I am praying Him night and day,
For a little house - a house of my own
Out of the wind's and the rain's way.




Nora was very young when she left here about 6yrs. and her fondest memories were right here in the kitchen, playing on the floor under the table inventing games real and imaginary.



***********The bridge of time*************