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.......And so the magical raft of dreams came to a standstill in the land of beavers a very special place tucked away in an old birch forest It's a small island only accesable by a small stone bridge guarded by two wood nymphs ......





It's getting late we are at Tividen nature reserve, but there are no places to set up camp It is a nice place with some virgin pine forest and rocky landscape, so we set off again ,we sight the first rainbow but are unable to picture it because of the trees. !5 minutes later we pull into a small parking place on the outskirts of the reserve. Tired now we get an early night and decide to explore the next morning.

The day is sunny and bright we come across a disused road over a stone bridge and down a bit from this theres an beavers dam. There is an information sign here about the beavers.We sit here for a while but nothing was stirring. I think it's a bit like the ad for kit kat....take a break.




Less than 26kl from Goteborg it was time to find the right place to settle for the night, and as always it appeared, in the form of a nature reserve at Brobacka. It instantly felt right. We three headed up into the woods, it was a steep climb through woodland and majestic rocks. according to the signs this area had once been below sea level except for the top 190m. What a magical place, we steped out into the clearing to overlook a lake below overshadowed by sheer rock on both sides. Mighty cliffs with the colours of the rainbow werecontained there. Trees growing tall and proud where it didn't seem like there was room for them. There was a road running overhead and a tunnel for the train within but their beauty seemed unaware of either..A place for quiet time! Some might say that there was nothing to be heard but the buzzing of the passing traffic.






To draw back to within our surroundings, there was the sound of the recently indented green carpet swelling back to its former shape. The sounds of water dripping from the trees from the earlier rain, the water trickling down the rocks as the last of the ice melted. The evening birdsong in harmony while singing different tunes. The gaggle of on overhead goose on it's way home, the clug clug from behing of an unidentified onlooker.The feel of the gentle warm breeze fanning us after the steep climb, and the dark still water below hears and sees all!


Next we arrived by mistake in Halleberg, not at all where we were looking for or so we thought! We set out for Goteberg but then decided that we were not ready for city life right now. This is anature reserve, a small mountain, which had once been a Roman Fortress. It is now inhabited by wildlife, from rabbits to Elk, beautiful birds(we caught our first glimpse of a woodpecker). There is lots of walks which would take a long time to explore. On our first time out we discovered a magnificient waterfall, by just following the sound of running water. It was very powerfull, it was both exilerating and scary as the rocks were slippery from the spray and the drop was about 190m. The sight, sound and smell captured and then demanded attention it was not easy to leave its strength. We spent three days here just enjoying the quiteness the trees the lake, and the memories of times gone by.

In the heel of the hunt.........

We went on the scent of the Elk,( we were really looking for the remains of the old castle walls) but it turned into an Elk hunt. It was exciting as we followed the trail. We knew that they had been this way as fresh dropping lay underfoot. It reminded me of Dingle, in the water with two of my then young children, waiting for "Fungi" the dolphin. Hoping that he would swim up beside us but scared almost to tears with anticipation. This time we knew not exactly the size of the giant creature but we hoped to get a glimpse of him before he approached us. We felt his presence he was keeping one step ahead. Not our time to meet, but we had a great adventure!

11th April......


WE are heading in the direction of Hamburgsund It's a small village on the west coast .but in the afternoon. we pass a sign for Dingle!!! it cant be but yes it is ..And sure enough there he is the kerry man complete with accordion playing slides and polkas. Pints ofGuinness all over the place Theres a crowd of dancers doing the kerry set a few lads in the fields playing hurly..ah yes it brings it all back..Beautiful Ireland ..Slainte


We noticed a change of landscape on the drive from it is stone which dominates huge rounded ones .A drive around the town revealed houses built on stilts along the waters edge.among the huge rocks.Some provisions were needed so a visit to the local supermarket was in order..this was some shop everything from a needle to an anchor literally. As it is a fishing village i could have bought a bilge pump oar holders ropes copper vents you name it



Its time to find a site for the night so we head out east to the ruins of an old castle.We have found that these type of places normally yield up a parking space, What a place this was a place of an old battle, an old stone fortress with views of the sea and islands brought visions of clew bay on the Irish west coast. This is an ancient burial site. More time is needed here but we feel the parking is a bit too close to the road and we move on down the coast in search of some stone circles we have seen advertised on a local map.Its late when we find the site and in the darkening light it is wonderous place,we pull in to a grove of trees ..home







The wind has got up during the night and we awake to see the trees around us swaying to the music of the air. Dancing trees, waltzing stretching their limbs getting ready to burst forth into leaf .We watch ...

Eventually after breakfast we do so exploring on this site IT contained two stone circles a Dolmen some standing stones and 25 burial mounds


So after a while we move again this time in the directionof Stromstad again on the coast these villages are really . beautiful on the waters edge

FROM here we move to Blomsholm and once again we find ourselves at an ancient burial site This one has a great example of a viking burial ship it also had a stone circle 36 meters in diameter It was also one of the headquarters of karl the 12th. The man who brought 12 galleys fully laden across land complete with 800 soldiers and provisions, to reinforce the troops near Halden in Norway....hmm


Just a few observations of Sweden that we found interesting.......... The Roads in general have no hard shoulder although there are some. They drop off very steeply to the storm drains, so there is no sight seeing while driving, once false move and there is no second chance. There is no fences at the road sides except along stretches of forestry for the protection of animals. We were asked on two occasions to turn off our engine (and not too polietly) as ommissions are not allowed in Sweden.

We got some good tips for musicians from a German man called Benjiman. He and his father had just come back from a trip to Norrlands, he said that our laptop would need to be insulated from the severe cold as the LCD screen would freeze up. Also he plays the fiddle and he found that he needed to put a damper which is a rupper slatted tube into the case to keep the wood from drying out, and that it needed to be refilled every two days.

There are ant hills here which we didn't expect, lots of them, biggest one we saw was about four and a half feet tall, so we are being very mindfull of them.

Things that we miss!!! The friendly wave that we get at home in the countryside, no matter what county you are in, its there, different versions of it. The hello on the street, doesn't happen here but we will persist. We also miss the mountains, they are small and very few. Gersundaberget where we were sking was probably the biggest one we have seen, about 1,400m. The only food that we miss is black pudding, but we are spoiled for choice here with all types of spicey ones. Oh! the only Swedish people who sound like the 'Swedish chef' are the radio presenters.

But our next mission is to go into NORWAY