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6th November


Well here we are, time for a break, we have been adjusting to being back home for the last two months. We have bought a small holding in Sligo which will need a lot of time and effort as it has'nt been lived in for some time, (we will keep you updated of our progress it is so exciting !). We got tickets on the net for €5 each way, so we are off to Milan. The Airport is very close to the Swiss border and we decide to cross over as we are scouting for our next adventure in the Tigin. We headed for Locarno, it is a town on Loch Maggiore. It is in a valley in the Swiss Alps. All towns here are in valleys and each town runs into the next. We found a small traditional hotel in a little narrow street.


We ate local food, a soup with squid, a flat fish maincourse and a local Ticino wine. What a great start to the trip. Next day we went to the tourist office to rent a house. We hoped for somewhere isolated, maybe in the mountains. It was low season and lots of places were closed the only house in the mountains was out of reach. We spoke with the owner, who said that an hours drive up the mountain we would need to park the car and then hike for another hour, and that it was very cold up there at the moment.

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