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25th June '07


Next home for the night was Marseilles-Les-Aubingy. It was time for a glass of Cider, or so we thought. We went into the bar where the locals were enjoying an end of working day drink. The bar lady told us that the Cider was reserved for serving with crepes. She suggested pink elephant beer. The best beer in the world. Well it was so good we had another and felt the effects.

As we looked across later at 9 pm it was closed and the shutters were down.




As we headed north towards Paris, we stopped for coffee in Vailly sur Sauldre. We went into a bar where a number of locals seemed to be enjoying a drink before lunch. So after coffee we decided to sample the same. It was local white wine with Creme de Cassis. (to be recommended)




Just outside Blancafort in the region of Cher there is a Sorcery museum. Like our visit to Edinburgh last year it left us feeling gutted. They are trying to interest the young and the not so young here. They have created the Harry Potter type exhibit as well as giving all the factual information from the middle ages of the torture and burning of mainly women, but also men and children, as they went about their daily lives using the plants and herbs of the earth for curing illness.


To the left we see a woman being weighed against a bible, if she was heavier then she must be a witch. Others were thrown into water with all their flouncy clothes on, if they floated they were witches and then tortured sometimes for months before being burnt at the stake. If they drown then they were not witches, so their husbands and children would sneak into the prisons to sew stones into their garments to help them sink, as they too would befall the same treatment because they would be condemned as witches.

To the right druids are collecting mistletoe to make potions for cures




In an outbuilding we spoke to a woman called Dirt who runs a magic school for children. Harry Potter style of course, it's what children want. Imagine a magic school for children where they would learn real magic working with plants and herbs ?



We spent a couple of days enjoying a forest and some rest in a suburb of Paris, L'Isle Adam. A tree climber was at work gathering a bunch of mistletoe and hazel nuts to create something magical and beautiful for a special birthday girl

Last time we were in Paris Le Louvre was closed. It doesn't open on Tuesdays ! yea really.

So we were careful to avoid tuesday this time. We spent a few hours enjoying the paintings, sculptures and artifacts on display. Camera's were " interdit "

We took all the photo's two years ago which are on our travel link to france.





"Mona Lisa made me smile"

(or so the says)


The Mona Lisa is by the scale of the other Italian paintings very small. She captures your gaze with her's as you pass across in front of her she follows with her eyes.

Napoleon's petit apartments were even by today's standards tre grand. What extravagance at a time when outside his door people








The old faithful high nellie's waited patiently at the train station for our return from the city. On our cycle home this beaver was happily enjoying some bread along with ducks and swans


30th June

We noticed as we traveled north of Paris that balloons were tied to trees, gates, cars etc. We arrived in Ecouche as the local residents were having a gathering in the park. We joined them for Cider and crepes. A young woman called Melissa explained to us that it was a national day of celebration to St.Jean d'Arc. All age groups were enjoying the festival and awaiting the lightening of a bonfire after dark.




Next morning we took a walk around town where we met petit Claude who showed us some postcards which are very dear to him.

It was a very special moment for us.







It will soon be time to make an appointment for Molly to see the vet for the return journey and book the ferry.



1st July



We crossed the Seine at Vallequier a little further on we stopped at a level crossing to allow the fast train to Paris to pass. Camera at the ready Jimmy was poised fro the shot, then a not so fast very long cargo train took its time passing. Bored waiting and just about to put the camera away, there it was and it gone.....whizz it was like the Kit Kat panda's , me and Molly got the joke but Jimmy well I'm not so sure...good laugh 




If you spend enough time in the woods you would never know who could be hanging around or lurking in the shadows.





We couldn't leave France without spending some time in Bretagne. The weather has not been settled since we came north we even heard today from the vet that there was snow in the Central Massif yesterday. We just moved north in time.




As it was not possible to get a sailing from Cherbourg, it was a 450km drive north east to Calais. The crossing is booked for Saturday Molly needs to be checked by a vet 24-48hrs ahead of departure. So it is all stops out. The roundabouts have flower sculptures, are we in Paris? Is her majesty in town ? home James and don't spare the horses !

A new mother takes a morning paddle with the flock.

Did I get counsellor O'Connor's good side ?




6th July

All was not as easy and we might have thought it to be. We were unable to get a ferry crossing to Ireland until the end of July. So plan B which was to travel into England and cross from there was put into place.

As we watch the sun disappear into the water for the last night on this trip,there are 100mph winds and a sandstorm at the port. Will we get to travel tomorrow? and the burning question is ? will there be blue birds over the white cliffs ofDover .......7/7/07



The high nellies are in position ready for the french connection.....

They have just completed the tour de france and will welcome a good oiling and some rest.