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Cap d'Agde


Cap d'Agde is situated 7km south of Agde on the Mediterranean Sea. It is the largest naturist village in the world, and receives 60,000 visitors per yr. It owes it's existence to a group of lost German tourists and two enterprising winegrowers. They were looking for a secluded spot away from prying eyes. They arrived at the beach side vineyard of Rene and Paul Oltra, who facilitated them, they returned the following year with a small convey of caravans. The Oltra brothers were granted planning permission and set up the small campsite which has become the small town that it is today. The campsite alone has 2,500 places, and the village now comprises of a couple of thousand apartments and is growing every year.



We spoke with two men from England, one has been coming every year for 33yrs and the other for 24yrs. There were just a few dozen tents pitched in the dunes back then. They have watched it grow with shopping malls, poolside bars, night clubs and a bank.


There seems to be more than one type of holiday maker here, as with many other holiday resorts. There were very few children, which was probably due to the fact that schools haven't yet closed for the summer. The family's that were there, enjoyed the sun, sand and surroundings with the rest of us. The beach stretches for 3km, before connecting with the textile stretch which is about another 3km. There is lots of space for all including the chiens which are welcome here on a lead.

Camera's were the only unwelcome guests, as each respected the other's privacy. Yes there are those who would exploit the situation but these type of people exist everywhere as is evident from recent history in Ireland ...


It is said that there is an element of behavior that is not common to all or acceptable to some taking place on a certain section of the beach. We have found that if you are looking for certain type of activity on holiday that it can be found or provided for on any resort. The people that we spoke with were enjoying their holiday and most have been coming back year after year. Holiday's are about enjoyment, whether that is just working on your tan, taking trips to the nearby attractions, enjoying good food, and burning the candle late into the night. As regards children, they don't have any problems with nudity its the hang-ups of the parents that cause the problems. There is nothing as nice as a family free of baggage enjoying the seaside..Each to his own.


So its a place for all to be themselves, cycle naked to the shops ,bank. Go to the supermarkets and shopping centers nude.Have fact do anything you would do in Swords Ballaghadereen all naked,

Bet you can't get your head into the space.............. Freedom is never easy!!!!


So after our visit to Cap d'Agde the Capital of naturism we head north to Clermont Ferrand Where there is an opening of season BBQ planed for the weekend .What a great friendly crowd they were, Obviously the pictures cant be shown. This raises another Question.. Why? We don't have a problem but it appears others do and so as to not offend we have been careful with the selection Its a pity because they can say more than any words..

So three pigs have been on the spit since early morning with the scent wafting through the campsite..They were stuffed with herbs all collected from the local herb garden.

Also the local bakers produced these massive loafs. They were easily eight foot long...


There were a good team of carvers available to slice their way through the meat.

Careful with the knives boys.....and yea don't the aprons look cute.

There were plenty of after dinner games organised, including a guess the weight of the ham, hanging 5 meters in a tree competition

There were a couple of hundred at this particular feast of many courses.All ages were there also people from many countries.












Yea theres always one here he is getting the last bit from the ribs



So just what is it. Well one thing for sure is it is not about sex ,as you would find out if you visited one of the properly run campsites in France for example. These sites have strict rules in relation to this and any form of exhibitionism, and you would soon find yourself put out for unacceptable behavior. What it about is freedom, ask anyone you know if they would try it out and most will answer no chance...why? Well there are a few reasons we have discovered. One is that many folks are not happy in there body, let it be shape, weight, hairy, you name it. Another one is that certain religions have a problem with nudity. I think all this can lead to a society with many social problems of sexual nature. The human body is a beautiful and marvelous creation of nature, each one is unique and all are equal, its when we as a nation start to put our prejudices on the young that the problems start. After a few days on a naturist site nudity is not even noticed, everyone is equal without the labels that clothes can bring.

It is not as many people believe about getting the all over perfect tan. But to feel the suns rays all over is a very positive thing of course one has to be respectful of the rays and wear the appropriate sun protection.

Nor is naturism about taking off your clothes for two weeks of the year.

It is a way of life. Gardening sports, washing the car...why not. For some it is their only opportunity to feel the freedom that others take for granted. We are of the earth and are connected to it. Circumstances and life's struggle to survive have blinded many to the ways of our ancestor's. The elements are freely available to all who see. How long before mother nature replaces the God that most call possessions. So naturism is about freedom to be yourself as you were when born. So why not have an open mind, Leave naturists to be themselves, and sure why not give it a try yourself, even in the privacy of your garden. See how it feels and make your own mind up don't follow the crowd..One thing for sure it takes great courage the first time but the rewards are great. All the good things are free, but not all that easy... so why not try it before knocking i