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Have you ever thought there has to be more to this life than working 9 to 5. to get money to buy you things, and when it comes to it, are not really needed. It's a never ending, cycle there's always another thing required to attain happiness "I'll be happy then" But if you can see all that is needed to be content is within.........we all have it, although it may be buried deeply. It's easy to read the books, talk the talk but it takes a special effort to live it. To rise in the morning, greet the sun, meditate, talk with the birds, see the colours of mother earth, to live free and harm none. Respecting all.

So many places, where to start.....Ireland.



Along the Liffey banks



This site is an account of our journey. We have no idea where this road will lead and have no travel plan just a start date..The hard part is getting started. Making the decision to do something diffrent. There is a good deal of organising to do. And in our case this includes Molly a Belgian shepherd Firest we need to find a  Campervan.

The Van


In the mean time w e make a trip to the hill of Tara.

Tara Situated 20 miles north of Dublin. A magical place to walk, meditate

dream and just be.....see the ancient warriors and meet your ancestors
in this gentle place. Tara is the seat of the high kings of Ireland. Words are




Who are we

As I walk in your garden 
I hear you call softly to me
and so I sit with you
Listen to your heartbeat

and see your beauty.
Beautiful One

Trip to Kesh caves and Carrowkeel Carrowkeel in sligo an amazing place