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This has been one of the hardest bits to organise "the Pet Passport" This process would really want to be undertaken nine to twelve months before your travel date.


Conditions to travel with Pet Passport

in European countries

1 You must travel from eligible country
2 Must use approved carrier
3 Pet must be over three months
4 Pet must be accompanied
5 Must be microchipped
6 Vaccinated against rabies
7 Successfull blood test
8 All sections of passport filled in by vet
9 six months since successful blood test
10 pet must only have been in eligable country during this six months
11 Treat pet for tick and tapeworm between 24 and 48 hours before ferry check in


Well here's molly She's a long coat Belgian Shepherd..and a fantastic dog to travel

A mans best friend
gently stands in still waters
cooling quenching
She watches



All is not as is seems

Next.. getting on the road