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Another day another journey

 Ok so we cross the border no bother and the customs men are friendly. WE just have to produce the passports including molly's ...she is pleased ..recognition at last. The landscape now is more mountainous and lakes are abundant We visit Fredrikstad as our first town and straight away notice how friendly people are, more open. The town also has more of an Irish feel to it, so after a while we move on again.

Next stop Oslo, no bother getting parking and we set off on foot into the center, again its modern in feel and a lot of construction is going on. We pulled into a parking bay for a bite and noticed an eye test board, they seem to be a frequent notice here in pull in spots.

So as luck would have it we walked straight into the Dubliner pub. Sure you might as well be in O Connell street so we sampled the Guinness... fine, checked out the city hall where an art exhibition was on view. A nice afternoon was spent here so now we head north for Gjovik. The drive there is along a huge lake and its easy to get a pull in for the night .A stroll along the shore and its goodnight from him ... and them



Gjovik                                                                         Oslo


Were off the tigin is in need of an oil top up so we go to statoil in Bradbu for the necessary. We notice a internet connection for telenor is very strong here but we need a password to get on to it. we will look into this later.We also come across a shop selling old records of the beetles and the like , gramophones old valved radios some with the words Athlone and Dublin on their dials ..older days. WE now visit Lilliehammer .The host town to the winter olympics in 1994 its built on a hillside and you could imagine it then thronged with sportsmen and tourists alike. so now its time to head for Dombas ,its a long way and its about 8pm when we reach it. Its really a Y in the road with a few shops and garages. and a Troll...

14th April

.web_links Diesel here is 10.46 Nkr its the most expensive so far and after the refill were on the road again the E6 is the major road in norway which runs north south so there are a large amount of trucks using it to get between the ferry ports of Trondheim and Kristiansund Soon we are in a nature reserve area on top of a mountain it's a surreal scene, snow snow and more snow .I step out of the van and pick up a twenty kronor note, and that's a good start. The toilets , now are a different story Its been a long day and a lot of mileage covered. We are looking forward to stopping somewhere shortly for a few days of no driving


15th. April

Hit the road early today Trondheim is 170 kilometers it is Norway's 3rd largest city. The drive is through spectacular mountains and forests and as we near the city the snow vanishes from view Arrive in Trondheim at 1pm .It's lovely not too much traffic and pleasant atmosphere,we go to the library and check de emails .Diesel here is 8.46 cheapest in a long time. The old central part of the city dates from the 18th century,there are many fine buildings here which will need a further bit of investigation.

16th April

Right now so after spending the night camped close to the rail track overlooking Trondheimsfjorden it's time for an early departure!! We go back to the city and have a look around the market stalls .



This is the central square of Trondheim its a huge sundial as you can see for a saturday mid-day its not a mad busy place. The square has the usual Mc Donalds and burger king and a selection of cafes There were a good few stalls here too selling clothes and homemade jewelry of various quality.


The cathedral dates from about 1750 It's massive and the stonework on it is amazing Next to it is the Archbishops palace from the same era it comprises of a huge courtyard a seen opposite

It is used a good deal for concerts and while we were there an organ was playing, as you can imagine a pretty impressive sound.




So now we looking for a place to rest up for a few days we head north of Trondheim about 70 k to a place called Steinkjer and from there to a place called Egge.It is a prehistoric site along the Beirstadfjorden. We settle beside the fjord it is a place used for swimming and there is a nature school here as well Its ideal and only about 10 k from Steinkjer for supplies should we need them although this is unlikely as we carry a good supply of food most times......zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

17 April

 A Great night sleep leaves us ready to take on a new day, so after a lazy breakfast it's time to read do a bit of painting just generally take it easy. It's a warm sunny day so it's decided to take in some sun on the fjord so we find a nice cozy place between a few rocks the job is oxo..We have found that it's important to settle in one place for a few days at a time after long drives as they can be quiet tiresome, especially if city driving has been involved. About 5pm it's time for a short walk so we head to the nature park There are traces of reindeer everywhere but no sign of them yet . Will we ever find them.. I think it's time for some trackers to be called in....hey molly.


IT is strange to be lying in the sun taking it's rays and at the same time snow covers the mountains around the bay. There are people here today wind surfing , more just having picnics some canoers. Like Sweden folks here like to get out at the first sign of sunshine and enjoy it.

WE became aware that the eye was on us ..blessings little friend of the forest...

OK..... ..................................................... so this is home for the Night complete with sauna and running water.IT does not however have an en suite.It was a little smoky but the ants kept us warm.At one stage during the night there was a fierce commotion outside and upon investigation ( i sent judy outside to look ).. a huge group of trolls were having some kind of a shindig, it may have been a wedding as one of them was dressed up in best bib and tucker...anyway back to sleep.

And then they stopped in a magical forest.All was calm The birds sang songs of peace the squirrels ran among the trees spreading the news of visitors. Where have they come from asked the Oak king They come from the land of Eiru, it's a mystical land far over the sea a troubled place needing help replied the squirrel always wanting to be the one with the gossip. I see said the king you must get word to them that I will meet with them and see if I can help in any way. So off went the messenger telling all the forest creatures of this great event, it was to be far more than they thought, for at that very moment a Troll was hiding behind some stones and he would be having different plans for the visitors and indeed the very forest itself.......
This is a pic of the bear judy took during the night ......................................................................................................................

18th April

It's a new day and another sunny one glad there's no plan to travel today.

DR WH O...?
 day for lazing about and giving the Tigin a rest.It is decided to explore a small island about 100m from the coast but first a few hours taking it easy. Three trepid explorers headed for the island ready for whatever delights or surprises that were in store......... just as we expected all was not as it seemed aliens!!! no it was Dr.Who! we knocked got no answer but we were brave warriors and cautiously opened the door, to our surprise it was the forest loo(see pic). It looked clean had a seat with lid don't be deceived. It was the regular hole in the ground that we have come to expect here in Norway. Most of the loo's(some exceptions)along the motorways are just holes in a timber seat reminiscent of the old school days at home. Moving on quickly extermination would be the best cure for them no loo is a better loo.

We spent half a day on the island, rock climbing basking in the sun on the sheltered side, forest walking which was also a steep climb with sheer drops. The warrior scout went ahead of the party and lo and behold disappeared! no amount of calling brought results. So our walk broke into a smart trot on a steep decent with hearts beating like war drums. No sight or sound, jackets off search at the ready when out she came bounding, like what's all the fuss about. it seems she slid down a steep cliff and headed straight around on the scent of the two slowcoaches, what a relief....

Exterminate Exterminate..
 Heading back for the Tigin to recover we heard the intermittent sound of xylophone music drifting across the bay, this is truly a strange and wonderful place. Is it the magical sound of the underworld, or some wood nymph playing to the trees of the forest? Binoculars at the ready, it seemed to be what looked like a milk van stopping at each house and announcing its arrival. Its time for some well earned grub (we stopped eating red meat about 10days ago) and another amazing sunset before retiring (see last night's).

19th April

Left the lakeside and head for Steinkjer after a quiet morning. We get an Internet connection at a local hotel and get the site uploaded.and then its off across the mountains for Mosjoen a town on the west coast .So once again we stick with the E6 there is an alternative route along the coast but it may be hillier and not that suitable for the tigin. Its a two hundred mile drive the scenery is wonderful, like a scene from postcard deep snow almost covering houses. We arrive in town about 8pm. Tired after the long journey its dinner and bed.


Tucked into the foot of an 860 meter mountain and on the lakeside Part of the town is preserved as a museum

20 April

We wake up to the sound of cars all around us,we knew we had parked in a car park on the outskirts of town last night .It was empty then now we are in a line of parked cars, it's grand time for to walk about town. It has an old town center and some of it is built over the lake on stilts, it's a museum town and some of the old buildings are as they were last century, no neon signs here.Their is a lovely old hotel here from the last century The timber work on it is fantastic and painted in the old green it really is a masterpiece.The backdrop is a mountain 840 meters high right behind the houses.The variety of shops are great and we come across a hobby shop with a fine range of stuff.


So after some time we decide to travel across the mountains North to Mo i Rana about 90 k, not too bad. It's 3 pm.The drive is as usual spectacular scenes of mountains snow rivers and forests.One section in particular is very steep,but the view from the top amazing, and it's all downhill to Mo I Rana .We arrive about 5pm and everywhere is closed so we head out some small side road and pull in behind a few buildings backing onto the river nice and quiet.....too quiet hmmmm

21st April

OK so we spent the night in some factory yard there was a look of surprise on the workers faces as we drove out past them this morning....

WE are off to the Arctic circle today it's about 100 k The drive is as yesterday spectacular, houses buried in snow everywhere the signs of a hard winter. We planned to take in a trip to Norway's second largest glacier Svarstisen but were informed that it is still winter and it is only accessable by boat and the lake is still frozen.





Then out of the blue it appears, swirling lights of many colors soft snow dancing in tornados as it touches down....silently .Where has it come from what is it's mission here. We must approach with caution who knows what the occupants are like! ! Yes it's the polar circle information center, and yes it's closed for the winter which ends on May 1st. Another place with an uncanny feel to it. It's like when we crossed over to Norway from Sweden the change and the feel of the landscape is very palpable

It has started to snow and it takes on a whole new meaning it is easy to imagine this place a few months ago and nobody would be standing here. The depth of the snow is easily 8-9ft deep and for the first time we understand the meaning of snow blindness, it is almost impossible to look up without sunnies on.



And of course there is always time for a tune...Easter snow perhaps.


Molly has a great time and meets some dogs from Austria and their friends who also left home on the 1st March they are on route to Nordkapp.

It's time for us to go also and it's northwards and onwards to Narvik a good 250 k further into the Arctic circle.

What a trip, we stopped off in Fauske took a stroll along the shore and into a museum theme park of times gone by, nothing opens here until May 1st, there are museum's at every hands turn in Norway. We browsed around an antique shop(house) every room in the house was filled with the delights of Ingrids 35yrs of collecting, and the house itself had a beautiful energy within. ......................... We then headed north through tunnels, through mountains and each time that we came out into daylight we never ceased to be amazed at the sights before us of mountains and fjords no two the same.

We had traveled the E6 since we entered Norway it had become less and less like a main road, and then there it was and it gone!!! we ran out of road, open water in front of us. We had been used to tunnels and bridges, and expected there would be a bridge here too. There were two ferry terminals one for the E6 and one for the E10 So we got on board an open car ferry which took us on a 25min. ride to join up with the road again. It was a thrill and added to the wonders of our exciting day so far.

The sun was now setting and the mountains the colours of the rainbow is the only way to describe what we saw. To give a feel for it the pictures will do the talking as no words could describe the beauty before us.



Just when we thought that the day could not get any better.........A car came around a bend and flashed us, it was getting dark, we checked our lights which are compulsory here then wondered if like Ireland it was a warning flash for a police checkpoint, but there are not enough people or traffic to warrant what. So we joked that it might be a moose checkpoint as we were beginning to think that the only moose excited on the sign posts. But there it was we caught a quick glimpse as we passed, we turned around the bend, adrenalin rushing hoping for another glimpse and sure enough there she was, held her ground as she spotted us taking pictures she seemed to pose. Then we noticed another right alongside the tigin we opened the window and began talking to her, she seemed majestic and a true beast of the forest. She kept a watchful eye on us but did not seem threatened in any way. We were excited beyond words and as she moved away we got out just to be in the presence of these two huge guardians of the forest filled us with awe. We had been hoping to get a glimpse since we arrived almost two months ago and now we had been given the privilege of seeing two together. We learned the next day that they were females as the male has antlers. We talked the moose talk like children at christmas until we eventually fell asleep, it had been a day of days so much to take in that we wondered if we had been dreaming....zzzzzzzzzz

We awoke on the waterfront next morning, we went to Narvik town center to find a 5,000yr old stone carving of a moose said to represent the hopes of good hunting it was very impressive.

It was a dull day so we decided not to take the chair lift to the mountain top as the view would be obscured by cloud. The ski-slope was opened but there were very few skiers in view. We were surprised by how quiet the town was as it the third biggest town in Nord Norge. We stayed another night outside the town to rest up from the previous days driving and excitement.

23rd Arpil

This morning we decided to cross the border back into Sweden had head down into Lappland. The border crossing didn't have an official in attendance so it was a drive through. There were a lot of skiers and skaters out enjoying their saturday. The Swedish and the Norwegians make the most of their weekends, the towns are like ghost towns with everyone enjoying the outdoors in whatever way nature provides for them.




The snowmobiles were back out in force, we came across what seemed like a raleigh for them on a frozen lake, overhead their was a ski-slope with probably the biggest ski-lodge seen so far, something for everyone. As we traveled along now well into Lappland. and into the Nature Reserve when we came upon several little tent like huts on the lakes with fishermen fishing through holes in the ice



 Then further on we saw a couple of miles of cars end to end along a huge frozen lake, their was a fishing competition underway and this lake was dotted with fisher men and onlookers alike it was similar to Dollymount on a hot summers day.



We were astonished by it all. We headed on for Kiruna, a town in the middle of Lappland., well as Dustin says the best thing about longford is the road out of it, and i think we add this one to it......... Just as we had decided not to stay here and were a couple of miles out the road, we saw a sign for an Igloo. At the corner of the road for the turn off there was a small herd of reindeer calling us up this road.



They are a beautiful animal almost white like coats unlike any we see at home, They too had no problems with the camera, they we focused on the job at hand, grazing on the new shoots of grass just vi sable by the recently melted snow. He headed on up the road and the igloo turned out to be the 'Ice Hotel', this time instead of being too early in the season we were too late. Too late to go in or to stay there as sunshine had begun the thaw. We walked around in awe of the structure and size of the place. It had taken a lot of time and effort to construct, another little surprise to delight us. There is a small town surrounding the Igloo, it is a resort, with lots of family sized cabins. The town consists of museums and craft shops, all closed up for the season.

The Ice Hotel ...

the place to hang out and be cool..

This is a Sami Tepee, the Sami are the semi-nonadic reindeer herdsmen of northern Scandinavia. This one is part of the museum tour. There doesn't seem to be any still in existence in the wild, we have covered a lot of ground and no sign yet


SO we pull in to a small resting place for the night, and settle for to do some work on the site. So as I was outside setting up the generator I see a fox sitting about forty feet away, and putting no attention to me at all. So we think she could do with a bite to eat and judy promptly gets some salami and bread for her. Sure enough she comes over to us to within six feet and has her supper, it's as if she was speaking to us thanking us for the small offering.

One never knows.........

24th April

Full moon tonight our second here.What a beautiful place to awake in, there have been no houses for about 10k just us, the trees and frozen lake. It's sunny. and the exact right place for the night that's in it. Ah yes, but things are never as they appear..At about 10.30 a car pulls up and starts to unload some stools and baskets we get talking to the woman and she informs us that there is a service here today. The three cultures live here side by side here, Sami, Soumi, and the Swedish people. Once every year this service is held at this old sacred place and we were welcome to partake in some hot sausage afterwards...She is expecting about 70 people so we decide its time to take a walk and explore the frozen lake. Every now and again there are small shelter huts and one of these was a grand place to have a snack. They are equipped with a BBQ. the business...



         Jokkojarvi                                                                         Inside the Rastuga in daylight

y the time we return the service is over and the place is silent once more, time for a painting .The hut nearest us is very well painted up and clean and inside it has a fine wood burning stove a table and stools...time to gather some firewood and there's no shortage of it here. Grub time.

Its time for some tunes by the range, and in this atmosphere it was easy to get lost in the music,some slow airs and i'm in a very special place. No bother getting the fire going and soon the cabin is very cosy and in the soft glow of candle and fire it's the perfect end to the day as the most incredible moon raises over the trees..
Entranced in an enchanted land.
Magical moonlight

25th April

We brought a small Brid cross with us from Ireland with the intention of placing it on a tree. We knew the particular tree would present itself when the time was right and this indeed was the time and place. It is fastened with copper wire and high enough up the Birch tree as not to be very noticeable.

Another day as beautiful as the last birds singing, Once more time to say goodbye and move on, this time south to Pello and cross into Finland. It has been wonderful here in the north,and we intend to go further north again in early june ...

So to

Apparently..............!!! >;O)