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Mighty little Tigin you have carried us to this place..Blessings to you

We arrived in Orsa at about 3p-m and drove straight to the camp site and took these pics another magic ...



Welcome to Orsa.....

As the sun shone through this tree and welcomed us...

The campsite is very well equiped with all services. These are Kitchen,laundry, tv room toilet's shower and Sauna. All are clean and tidy not to mention warm There is also a fine room where one could sit with a few friends and have a glass of wine (or two ) and a few tunes ( or Ten)

The staff are very friendly and helpfull and speak english very well As far as i can tell there are only two other people here so its nice and quiet..In fact it's so silent it is noticable.just the place for some meditation or art work.

 Approach to Orsa from Mora
                                       Orsa is on this lake Its frozen solidLake Orsasjon


Sunset in the campsite

 The sun goes down 

The blue mountains stand out here against pink skies all reflected on the snow covered lake

Local people have told us that this year winter is late and there has been very little snow,only a small fall in December but over the past two weeks they have had enough to last for a while .The seasons are changing everywhere.


16TH MARCH 2005


Some irish musicians and dancers have arrived in to town for a cultural visit, and as I play some traditional music I linked up them for the four concerts. In the afternoon we had rehearsal with the Orsa choir who were also performing in the concert. They had been practising the song "song for Ireland" and we were going to play along with some of it. Some delicious food was provided for us here there was a large variety ranging from traditional bluebery soup and pancakes to cus cus, salami's , fruits and homemade jam's. We also had some forest gold berries,these are found in some forests and are quiet rare...delicious



Time now for a sound check and rest before the concert which is starting at eight.




They comprise of a mixed group of teenagers, full of vibrancy and enthusiasm, inspired and affirmed by their teacher Ingrid who is gifted with her infectious positive energy. It was a privilege to wittness and be involved with so many young people doing something that they love to do.




Easy rider 
The sun came out and the neighbors are taking full advantage of it .It gets warm quiet quickly and after a night of minus 15 it's not a bad thing the outside temperature when this photo was taken was 0.6..... roasting.....







At the end of the concert all the performers walk down through the hall and the choir singing .When we reach the entrance hallway we stand and play music and sing while the audience leave it's a beautiful experience and tears are not too far away.

No one left the theatre unaffected.



March 17th and 

Well St.Patcick's Day is here and we're off. No set agenda so what ever happens ...happens. Today we a re just a party of four, and we head for the hills. Off to the Ski slopes (already aiming for high places). We settled into the Vardshus and the music began and the Shamrock got a good drowning. We were invited back to play next year with expenses covered and a few bob to make it worth our while ( who knows!! we have exchanged contact numbers).



The local Skiers and the families one as young as a year and a half were foot tapping and dancing for the evening.

Yep I guess this looks a bit arty

What a picture What a picture stick it in your family album


Nice one



Playing here in the Orsa hotel with local musicians



A lazy start to the day, just a short walk on the frozen lake to see the reaction of our Irish friends to walking onwater. They were just as blown away as we first were. Then a visit to the Chocolade Hus, what a treat!! Later in the evening we met with the rest of the Irish group in the Bystugan in a small village called Vikarbyn about 35k from Orsa. The only way to describe the night is to say that it was one big party. The Music was mighty the lads excelled themselves and their energy spilled out into the audience of about 150, (which was just about as many as would fit into the hall). We were treated to some traditional fiddle playing by a group of young Swedish girls. The Swedish and Irish became one, all mixing and dancing together. We sampled lots of traditional food ie. potatoe and herring bake with cream and lots of beer (home brew). What a night the highlight of the trip for most. We have been invited to the home of an elderly local man Thomas for three days to celebrate the mid-summer festival, and we hope to accept this invitation, but for now its one day at a time. Molly has become more used to people, and has shared her home with the occasional musician who needed to get the head down for forty winks.



My great friend Pat Lynch was one of the musicians who joined us in Orsa, seen here in the Bystugan A mighty musician /singer...what a night

The Vikarbyns lilla spelmanslag who played lovely nmusic at the Bystuga

Here we are all playing togetherIt's what music is all about social gatherings

Michael seen here on the right added great spirit to the occasion with his lovely playing and humour


March 19th

 Ok we are tired after the last few days so its a late start and early dinner before heading to the homestead for the final concert tonight. It was time for a reunion with the Orsa choir the Orsa spelmanslag and the Vikarbyns lilla spelmanslag. It was a very charming old world venue constructed completely of timber which made for a great acoustic gig. By the end of the night we all knew it was time for a good nights sleep and to say farewell to our friends


Well thats about it for Orsa it's time for us to move on, so its off to theGesundaberget to try our foot at the ski's