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So here we are back in Uppsala It appears completely different , it's over two months since our last visit and now all is green, trees are in leaf some in flower. a complete contrast to the beautiful north..As my background is in horticulture a visit to the Linneaus museum (below) and Botanic gardens brings great excitement Its a great time to visit as many shrubs are in flower. The scents of the various trees are wonderful and conjure up many visions of past places .There's nothing like the sense of smell to jog the memory. These along with the damp scent of soil and trees make for a very memorable visit .


Time to sit with her

she asks nothing but gives.

Unfolds endless beauty silently.

Give time to her

Love her



The washing here in the Botanic gardens needs a bit more Daz for blue whiteness We could not resist hanging out the long johns here...i not sure if the colours match but i think it gives the piece body ..ah well, that's Art.


Lilly the pink lives here, post box proves it. Maybe the pink washing is hers as well.. but the gardens are well worth a visit. Today is Sweden's national day everybody has the yellow cross on blue in hand or painted on their face the song goes.

There is plenty of music in the streets in the afternoon to suit most tastes. Sausage all around!!!!!!!!!

7th June

We are back camping in Fjallnora a beautiful place beside a naturist beach and broadleaf woodland. The trees are full of birds taking some sun and singing it's praises. There are many walks about here ranging in length from .5k to 6k we walk each path in the present, step by step greeting each new sight with honour.We walk on the carpet of lichens and mosses, past Lilly of the Valleys, wood Anemones, Cowslips, Starflowers wild Geranium, Frocans, through the forests of birch scots pines, hazel, Lilacs, Mountain Ash, Salix. The variety is fantastic. On one of these walks we come to a river with a rope raft across it so with judy's strength it's an easy crossing.Also back south here there is the promise of darkness which is welcome after our stay in the north. I miss the scent of newly mown grass being turned ready for baling back home This time of year is something very special in my secluded little place in the bogs of Mayo.


8th June

We're off to Stockholm so we decide to book into a camp site for the night. Yes back to civilized life. There must be at least three hundred camper vans here We wont be staying long just overnight, it's a handy trip to the city





Already we miss the wild forests....We feel these campsites are strange places everyone in them appear to travel in large groups all doing the same thing at the same time. NOT very friendly to us foreign travelers in our twenty year old tigin, I wonder how many of them have actually seen the flowers of the forest or spoke to the fox. Materialism really does blind people to the real wealth of nature and self. I reckon most of the discussions would be about who's got the latest self aligning satellite dish, that can also cook the sausage.. However all is quiet by 9pm and its a night for card playing and an early nigh before tomorrows trip to The city There are two balloons flying over head. We had intended getting the train from here but have now decided to drive to town. Oh yes I cant wait ....

9th june

The drive to the city has been quiet easy the traffic not too bad It took a while to get parking but eventually got it in Gamla Stan the old part of Stockholm. The parking fee here is the most expensive we have encountered in all our travel It's 35sek an hour about 3.75€. We are right on the water and the boats and buildings together make for a beautiful sight.

A walk through the narrow streets reveal many small shops and also many antique outlets. The central square has some coffee shops and restaurants on it and there's a really nice atmosphere here

The city is full of school graduates been driven around on lorries or by private car . Most have birch twigs or branches strapped to them. The graduates themselves wear white caps much like sailor caps, the girls are rigged out in summer dresses, and there is a lot of alcohol about also . They spray themselves with it it makes for a mad night in town and no doubt many sick heads the next morning.

The trams are a great way of getting about town .On the right here is Gamla Stan square The buildings are beautiful There are many small shops and restaurants here. The day passes quickly .

This water sculpture was so life like the hand is about eight foot across


10th June

So we go back to Fjallnora after our day to town its great to be back in the countryside. It is also BBQ time we settle in the rastuga Dave goes off and catches a pike,and quickly releases it again the fire is in full swing, and no time is wasted getting the grub ready

Its so easy here to get a fire going all the timber is so dry and there is plenty of it on hand, There are now a lot of mosquito's about but between the fire smoke and the repellant candles burning there is no danger Judy has had ten bites so far, but they don't come near me at all, must be my scent and the fire smoke really adds something to it.










Anyway its not long before dinner is ready and it's very welcome .So now with full bellies and a few cans of cider it's time to sit and admire the beautiful place we are in Dave is carving a piece of timber for a spice rack for the tiginJune 11th
There a a few steam trains still running here and today we try them out Again it's a still morning and a good one for the trip. As we stand at the small station we hear the train a coming whistling down the track .Soon some puffs of smoke and she pulls into the station. the driver and guards are dressed in the appropriate clothes, it is a lovely sight.




















All aboard

The trip was most enjoyable, the train sounds ,the smoke and steam.We stopped at a few small stations along the way picking up a few passengers as we went Soon along came the guard to punch the tickets the real thing. When we stopped the train driver oiled up all the bearings and bushes to prepare for the return journey As he was doing this the big locomotive pulled into town

So what an exciting start to the day and now its time to visit LinnesHammerby the house of Carl Von Linneaus the 17th century plant collector. The house is exactly as it was in the 18th century right down to the wallpaper tables and chairs. There are portraits of him and his family also a small collection of clothes and artefacts.The gardens while small were wild and beautifully maintained . A worthwhile visit


The bedroom here seen on the left is covered with his drawings of some of his plant classifications and on the right his living room complete with original furniture and fireplace. These particular fireplaces are very sought after over here They have a copper coil built into them for heating water note the timber feet.

After a few hours here we are heading back to Uppsala to meet our musical friends again before we go back south we are looking forward to the tunes .It's hard to believe it's two months since we last met. First we go to Margaret's house for the tae..........



After a very specially prepared beautiful meal, some of Margaret's friends started to arrive. So to be sure there was time for a few tunes in the kitchen. By the sound of things every traditional player in Sweden is heading for Uppsala tonight. Some are traveling 400km after a festival to be there. So off to the pub, 6am, not too Irish but the music was mighty. At least 20-30 musicians came and went during the evening, some were there until last call at about 2am. It was the best send off we could have hoped for.


13th June

Today is Dave's last day as he is off home tomorrow. We spent a beautiful day around town, getting last minute shopping in Clas Ohlson's which Dave had to be

A right pair of Pansies

prised out of on occasions. This is a beautiful town, with the river dividing the shopping from the academic side.We had sausage and icecream on the street, when in Rome....
Later we headed back to Fjallnora for one last barbeque and a bit of fishing.

14th June

It's an early start we drop Dave to the airport about 7.30. then we head south again we get through Stockholm without any trouble and drive on to camp up for the night near Vastervik on the coast. It was a very rural place and many big tractors were on the go. Next morning we get going early but only get about 10k when we discover a beautiful place to take some sun. It's an opening in the forest and very quiet , we decide to stay the day here and travel on in the morning a lazy day..and a visit from a golden frog



16th June

Head off south again on the E22 and end up in Varsnas a small beach on an nature reserve near Kalmar.The weather has turned very hot now and it's better to drive at night or early morning. We spent a beautiful day on the beach, and were visited by numerous Dragon Fly, blue and yellow which landed on us on occasion. What a privilege. They are among the oldest living creatures in the world. After a walk with Molly next morning in the nature reserve we head further south as the rain has arrived.
We have spent the last three days on a beach also surrounded by a nature reserve. The weather again is beautiful. Low and behold no ej hunder sign in sight, but a hundbad..... So Molly has a place to swim and cool off from the scorching sun and we join her of course. While walking in the nature reserve we spotted two woodpeckers, it seemed like they were doing a mating dance, from tree to tree, wow! when will we ever be this close to woodpeckers again.

20th june

We took a trip to Malmo before leaving Scandinavia. This is a beautiful place with a great energy about it. Jimmy paid a final nostalgic visit to Clas Ohlson's.

These musicians were playing under a monument alongside a bar in the square to entertain and encourage the evening shopper and workers to drop in for a pint and enjoy the music on their way home. We haven't spent much time in cities but Malmo was an enjoyable experience.












It is time to leave Sweden..........
We have very mixed feelings and emotions, for almost four months we have been enjoying the freedom, of the snow, forests, lakes, birds and animals, the wilderness. We will miss the trees, they have sheltered and protected us, we have explored and played in them. Already they have become scarce in the south.

Oresund Bridge

Oresund bridge is 15km long and connects us to Denmark. The last third of the crossing is a tunnel under the sea, within a few short minutes we are in Copenhagen in .Denmark. WE decide to explore the city , it's evening time and the traffic is quiet light. It is a beautiful city with lovely buildings and harbor. the temperature is in the mid twenty's and the river banks are crowded with all people of all ages and race having BBQ'S and taking it easy, a very relaxed scene. After a few hours we head off in search of the little mermaid ,the famous sculpture at the entrance to the harbour we find it after a while. It's a sculpture by Edvard Erichsen of t the Hans Christian Anderson character . Also we come across a few other monuments all of which are quiet remarkable.

Patiently on the cool rocks she look's out to sea and awaits the return of her love, as she also is watched over by the one true love of the Mother










This is a Gefion fountain . it shows the Goddess Gefion with her four sons which she has turned into oxen having been offered in return all the land she can plough in one night....nice one

This angel stands out against the night sky also keeping an eye to the harbour . It's a monument to the first world war.

Time to move again , we have decided to take the ferry from Rodbyhavn in Denmark to Puttgarden in Germany. It will save us a days drive through Denmark we stop about 50 k from the ferry in a resting place for trucks etc. it gets very noisy early next morning , so an early start to get into Germany.

We are heading for Amsterdam as Jimmy has been asked to play on the making of a video for Seanos dancing on the 28th and there is no suitable flight home any nearer.