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And so once upon a time in the land of Eiru lived a strong race of people who believed in their identity .They were a very modest in their requirements, their basic needs being shelter and food both of which were provided by Mother Earth in great abundance.They worshiped the great mother by working in harmony and respecting the natural environment she provided. On nights when the moon was full they held rituals in honour and gratitude of her and all was well and all being balanced in harmony

But as time went by a new force came to the land in the form of gold coins, which brought about change on the people and their needs It took the place of the old barter system , nobody ever seemed to have enough of it , there was always something more to be obtained and as time went by the once generous people grew more needy and they found themselves spending most of their time thinking of new ways to get even more gold coin. Now there was no time for community gatherings it was only the individual that appeared to matter, Money was now God and the people had started to neglect the mother Earth. They dumped refuse, plundered her forest, .put great roadways through her sacred sites, polluted her waters.poisoned her land and all in the name of progress/ money.And of course the people then started to lose respect for each other....afraid to bid each other the time of day. A thing called elitism was in the land and this treatened the very fabric of the people themselves, though most were blinded by it as the elders and chiefs of the lands impressed the importance of earning huge sums of money and the so called prosperity it brought with it, more need more greed at the expence of all else.

Fortunatly not all people in the land were of the same mindset, they held on to beliefs long lost or frightened out of many, they knew that mother earth would not sit idly by and wait to be completely depleted of her dignity. They were in constant touch with her and with time it became evident that the light of genorsity was gone from the people and they were to go on a mission to find the magical rainbow which contained all the colours of light necessary to re-energise the people and return them to their once proud state . These colours of red orange yellow green blue violet and white had to collected in a special prism and on return to Eriu be released on the eve of either the Autumn or spring equinox when darkness and light are balanced.

It was to be a long journey and as nobody knew the whereabouts of the magic rainbow they knew not where they would end up or how long the journey would take. The ones for this great task were to be selected carefully as it was of the greatest importance to the survival of the race,and so after a meeting of the great magicians of the land which lasted three days, three were chosen .

First one was the dark one of the west Dubh, chosen for her swiftness of foot and intuition. Next chosen was Seantras warrior Queen , chosen for her strength in battle and ability to charm even the most difficult of foes. And thirdly was Deranthi keeper of knowledge....chosen for his wisdom and careful ways.All three were mighty magicians themselves and put together their magic was very strong indeed as it would have to be to carry out their task succesfully.

So the first thing they needed was a method of transport they knew not what type of terrain they would encounter so the vehicle would need to be versatile.They had a great deal of hazel trees in their forest so it was decided to make a raft from these. So on a full moon night they set about collecting these hazels all had to be cut with a single stroke of the sickle to instill them with the magical properties required .


It took three days to construct the raft The mast took some time to aquire , it was a giant reed which had to brought from the next village and hand carved with ancient symbols so was the Sail which was a snowflake that would not melt. But now it was ready to go and a fine raft it was. And so at the time of imbolg, the first stirrings of nature,and the first moon quarter they set off.

A large crowd waved to them as they sailed slowly into the night as each one wondered what was in store for them. Now to the east there was a land called Sverge , where the great god Thor resided, and it was agreed that this was the first place to try for information on or mayby even find one of the colours. All was well for the first few days they were making good progress in spite of hazardous conditions, but now Dubh was becoming restless as her sences warned of imminent danger. She suggested that they should take refuge on the nearest shore as a mighty storm was approaching from the west. So as they headed for shore they had to climg to the raft with all their strength as by now the winds were reaching gale force The force of the wind had now blown them off course and they were unsure of where they had landed. So now safe from the wind in a small harbour they settled safely. Next morning they made necessary repairs to the raft and were about to leave when they noticed they were been observed from behind a grove of Birch trees. Deranthi decided it best to acknowledge the presence and approach. The cautious observers shyly appeared , but sensed no harm from the strangers. Suddenly a voice from the opposite direction welcomes them to Beaverland. The two now engaged in conversation, Deranti telling of the plight of Eiru and Fiacla the beaverland king told Deranti of their trouble, that due to drainage works down the valley the river brunne had shrunk back to a fraction of it's former width now barely twenty fet across and it was impossible to build damns to raise familys because the trees were now so far from the river. As Deranthi was very understanding of their cause he had no hesitation offering to help. So he set about using his knowledge of nature and his magical powers to reverse the situation. Deep within the mountain lay an enormous lake with beautiful clear water. and with a few words of magic and the use of his wand he created an underground stream to feed the former river bed and fill it to it's former level . He also created a damn invisable to humans so the changes would go unnoticed in the middle world. The beavers were so thankful they organised a great banquet for their new found friends but they gave them an even greater gift, the location of the first colour," red". It lay to the far north in the arctic circle itself but could only be collected after Bealtaine day. And so now by sheer chance and their willingness to help others they had gained the knowledge of the location of the first colour.

Now it was time to bid farewell to these gentle beings and continue to the cold north, it is now into April and the days are getting longer , temperatures are starting to rise and it is the ideal time to travel.



As they headed north now excited with their new found knowledge, they seemed to be making good headway when a snow blizzard hampered their travels. They took shelter in an oak forest, where they decided to build a hut before conditions detoriated and make it impossible to do so. They gathered up fallen branches and moss and soon they had a cosy shelter to protect them. They lit a fire and cooked up a hot meal. Night was approaching and they were tired and preparing to sleep when an Owl landed on a nearby tree and called to them. He told them not to continue on their present route as danger lay ahead. A safer route west to the land of Oden would be longer but they would find there not only what they were looking for but also the colour orange . The blizzard lasted for three days and left several feet of snow on the ground. Their hut was insulated and warm with the snow. It was not going to be possible to continue their journey until the new route was planned and adjustments made to the raft for the new conditions. Deranti knew that because of the rafts magical properties it would not get buried in the snow No matter what, it would always float just above it. Some of the sail rigging had come loose and there was a danger of losing the mast and sail without which the raft could not be navigated.

Now it was time for them to set off again this time Eastwards, for days they crossed mountains rivers and lakes, and it was while crossing the lake Solsjon they encountered Albus the monster of the lake. It was Dubh who first sensed Albus, she stood and looked into the water, the hair standing straight on her back.Then it rose from the water some 10 meters tall. It was snakelike its eyes glowing red shone in contrast to the dark slippery body , she was the guardian of the Colour Orange and she was determined to sink the raft. She splased about the water causing great waves to wash over it all three now clinging to it's mast for survival.but the raft was unsinkable. Seantras decided that she must fight off this monster to save the situation, so just as the great beast splashed close to the raft she made a mighty jump on to it's back, difficult to do because it was slippery .The monster did not like this one bit and now was leaping up 20 meters into the air in an effort to shake off Seantras . Deranti helped her , quickly he cut a piece from his cloak and cast a spell on it to make it empower everything it touched with a peacefull sleep. He threw it to Seantras and shouted to her to put it over the monsters head but Seantras could not climb the long neck of Albus so Dearanti had to send a wave of dry sand to cover the monster and this enabled Seantras to climb up and with great speed place the magical piece of cloth over the head. The effect was instant, Albus became calm and slid back into the sea to sleep for 7 years , the battle was over, the waters became calm and they sailed on to the land of Odin and almost immediatly saw the orange colour , it was a pure orange rainbow not in the sky but flowing between two great rivers. It illuminated all about it with an orange glow, it reflectd in the deep river waters and it was indeed a wonderfull sight. Everything here was calm and peacefull birds sang from their high trees welcoming the visitors. It was three days to the full moon so it was time for them to take a much earned rest. The time passed quickly and on the night of the moon they approached the river with the prism to collect the colour. They thanked the god and goddess for guiding them safely to this place. they also asked permission to bring some of the orange light with them .So now Deranti placed the prism just over the water on a small flat stone and asked the rivers for their blessing. And now the light flowed into the prism ,the colour so intense they had to shield their eyes, when it was over the prism was now orange. Once more they thanked the Waters and took to sleep for the night excited at the days events they soon drifted to deep sleep and dreamt of the old land Eriu and beautifull times they had spent there.

Soon it was morning the sun shining brightly , a slight breeze blew through the hazels along the river banks and of course the steady glow of the Orange rainbow between the rivers what a place , and how lucky they were to have being able to spend some time here but move on they must , this time northeast to search for the colour yellow .On and On they go , fueled by their recent success they make rapid progress and two weeks later they stond in Svenske , but where would they look for the colour , it is a very snowy place and the colour should be easy to see. The sky is grey spring has not arrived to the land here yet and at times they wonder if they will ever find the colour in this vast white place but they must endure And then on the eve of midsummer while they are deep into the Arctic circle they see a beautiful yellow glow straight north of them, it is the land of the midnight sun where the sun never sets below the horizon. Can this be it they wonder. It is very desolate place and no people have been seen for hundreds of kilometers, they decide to have some supper camp here for the night. It dosent take long before the fire is lighting brightly like a beacon in the night, and sure enough it draws a visitor to them, a fox. They invite her to join them for supper and mayby she would know something of the colour yellow. They talk well into the night the fox explained how the winters can be long and food scarce but she manages to rare small ones all the same . just a question of being carefull she says. She then explains that the colour they require is only available on the Summer solstice at a fork in the road just north of where they were now.

Time soon passes ,the daylight grows in strength over darkness ,leaves appear on trees .moles and other little animals appear from the scrubland after their long winter rest busy now in this beautifull landscape, the summer is short and there is much to be done before the next winter . The Summer solstice is tomorrow night and with great excitment they set about preparations to collect the rare yellow ligh.t the prism is cleaned brightly and placed in a special bag made from a black grass grown locally. They wash all their clothes and bathe in a stream to prepare themselves to meet the Sylph's who are the keepers of the Yellow light at a place known as crocus wood So it's an early night which brings dreams of woods with bluebell covered floors, the scent of lilac drifting through the warm night air in a place so far away..

Now the morning is here and what amorning the birds singing , wild flowers still damp with the dew stand motionless soaking up the suns golden rays, Dearanthi starts the day with his usual greetings to mother earth and then after a small breakfast settles to meditate and contact the elements to help him with his days mighty task. Dubh as is normal takes to running about and stretching , and of course the roll in the muck to freshen up. Seantras has already been to the river to freshen up and so now they are on their way, its about a 10 k walk acxross some mountainy land. but it is easy going on this glorious day. After about four hours they see the forest ahead, it is the crocus woods named because of giant 2 foot crocus that grow here all year long in every colour imaginable. They are tended by a band of sylphs who devote every daylight hour to cleaning their petals and leaves , in return the crocus yield up their stamens This is known as Safron and the sylphs use it to trade with other beings.

Dearanti knows soon he must consult the sylph leader to ask for his co operation with the yellow light but for now they carry on in the wood . They smell the damp earth ,feel the soft moss springing underfoot as they climb uphill through the moss covered trees. Suddenly a voice shouts at them to stop, who gave you permission to enter the woods on this special day, they voice came from a tall gracefull tree, it was not a treatening voice , just a firm one. We come on a peaceful mission to collect the yellow light to bring to Eriu to save her, we spoke to the fox and she told us of this place. replied Seantras in a soft voice being careful to show respect to this tree which she now noticed to be a hazel of a very silvery colour, With her gracefull branches she stood out dramatically amongst the other whitethorn ,mountain ash and birch, she also noticed her roots sat on a large flat rock cover with a velvet mossy carpet, clearly she was another queen the queen of the forest. . There was silence for a few moments but then Deranti noticed he could not move his feet and when he looked down he saw all their feet were tied to the earth with roots which had silently come up through the soil also these roots were covered with red fungi , Deranti recognised these and knew one touch of them would be fatal.You will remain here while i check out your story the tree says . Deranti tells the others to be patient . and so they wait After an hour or so they see a hawk fly into the queen tree and almost immediatly their bindings vanish back into the Earth. I wish you well on your voyage says the tree . After about another hour the reach the forests edge and sure enough the road forks after a few hundred yards. They have reached the place . and soon they are spotted by the sylphs and are escorted to a cave to meet the leader by the name Keel.

As they entered the cave the noticed a circular hole over the door, this was not a normal thing to see, back home all the openings were rectangular or square.The inside was decorated with flowers of many colours, the floors were of an emerald green moss. there was a large limestone slab to the backof the room and on this was a silver vase fille with the most beautiful yellow crocus, quiet a site.The king sat beside this on a a throne of timber decorated with strands of dried safron..He was a a friendly jolly man and ordered some food and mead for his guests. So after a while he askes them what brings them to Crocus woods, and once again they relay their story. When the King heard their plight he said he would be honoured to help. Is there anything we can offeer you in return says Seantras, much impressed with the kings genorisity. Well says the king if you noticed on your way here there are many sylphs in this vilage and most of these are finding it hard to feed and shelter their families, it's because our only trading material is Safron and there are just not enough suitable fields to grow them, most of the land here is rocky With this s Deranti decided to look around the fields . Yes they were very stony indeed , but also noticed a faint glimmer in the stone.After some tests he came to the conclusion that the stone contained gold and quiet a lot of it Some time later he goes to see the king and unveils his plan .Now king Keel had only heard of gold as a shiny metal found in far away places ,and when Deranti drew plans for machines to uncover the gold in the rock, at the same time clearing the fields to make way for more Crocus seed he was overjoyed.

You have chosen the right day to come here says Keel to Deranti , for tonight is midsummer night one of our most important dates of the year, A time of great rejoicing and celebration .Tonight the Sun reaches his highest strength and it's tonight you will have your Yellow light. So now the villlage is busy with preparations the whole place is cleaned and decorated with flowers and Moss. Also a great feast is prepared for the three. The night goes on well and eventually the king invites them into his cave again.Now be ready with your Prism he says as there is only one chance to collect this light and also a very brief timespan. Deranti knows that the Sun is dropping fast and it's close to the time so the prism is removed from the black bag in readyness. Almost as soon as he did this the sun now just about to drop behind the horizon starts to shine through the hole above the cave door.Aftera few seconds it strikes the Silver vessel and from here the light is deflected through the crocus flowers creating the most brilliant yellow they had ever seen.Quickly Deranti placed the prism into the light and watched as a portion of light started to circulate inside before settling above the oother two colours inside. It is done he says our work here is done.